2. Sex tourists or in general "social influencers" by it's nature making profits from any society or issue within- AKA "Media Nomads"... some are right parasites, AND all are interconnected to other one way or the other. Both semi-single men from far flung countries- do have something in common, hence of course they are in contact + wherever little Benjamin there is (or was), so after spending a day exploring local flora and fauna- might as well be in the same bed in the evening.

  3. Used unlockit etc, kept turning it off, now for the last 3 days can't open it with or without any ad- blockers or VPN. Went on to check it with different network (I'm on "3", checked on Vodafone) - needed cookies clean up and opened up but not /index or /1 straight, need to go /2, then /1 otherwise redirects to

  4. AFAIK Cossacks are Ukrainian, but Nazi + Fascist = ruzzia defender, so it's okay ... NOT!

  5. I'd love NATO to expel Turkey out of alliance, but..

  6. Nahh it’s not worth it expelling Turkey. Turkey is an important ally (not a reliable one) but better to have a non-reliable important ally, than have them turn against you and fully support the other side

  7. They just can't in to civil society and relations... be them busy in trading kudos points in betraying Western allies, they just can't see, they are submitting to Razzian game plan- not my problem, when very soon, they'll learn being in too much of razzian influence

  8. mhuahahah! awesome laugh, thanks!

  9. Almost 6 million in 5 days! Let‘s not stop! You can donate money till 24th of February. 1 million = 1 radar protecting the sky of 🇺🇦 Ukraine.

  10. " 0 MBT have been delivered."

  11. He knows, he and his clan only hanging in power and wealth due to Razzian Putler propping him up, ONCE he (putler) goes- he (luka) will be hung on a lamp-post

  12. He thinks he's serbian, raised as British, "cultured" douche bag, for a while now, I've been saying all of them whiners- commies and other social influenzaians simply shouldn't be allowed in and/or kicked out for wrong talking- AKA propaganda

  13. Are we now going to counter with the same "oh, it is just fear" retorics that anti-vaxers have used in the past three years? I have given the arguments, you resort to retorics. Unless you come with a decent argument, you know your own reasoning is flawed at best.

  14. tl'dr what is it you can't comprehend yet?

  15. Time for your meds and a walk outside before monsters are going to crawl from under your desk

  16. merchant at bazzar seething, expecting more concessions, despite bedding razzian S-400, killing own Kurdish population, occupying Greek Constantinople and half of Cyprus

  17. Just love how Balts giving no eF*s whatever chimpout-tantrums razzianz throw up

  18. That'd be too much respect to non existent entity (russia don't exist) it's fascist rassian federation

  19. I think you've mistook me. Russia said that they wouldn't do any other drastic actions if NATO didn't expand around it's border, and we kept on asking countries surrounding Russia if they wanted to join NATO, Russia said Ukraine would be the last straw and we started negotiations with them so they escalated the conflict into a war.

  20. herm? before that 2014 wars and occupation, before that 1994 Budapest memorandum?

  21. I wish Ukraine supporters would be fully literate...

  22. as in to end on some sort grassing on subjects? frustrating, no?

  23. Yeh, kinda meant to say the actual military equipment delivered by quality and quantity, badly worded out, my bad!

  24. With Brits it's not gonna go well, hence razzia needs us to put them back in to the backwater swamp they are from

  25. Brit here, I’m still waiting for the super rocket that’ll sink the entire country to be launched. I’ve been wearing my armbands and swimming shorts for months now.

  26. Good lad! better be ready, than sorry and with pants up :D

  27. How low can we go! Bar is set pretty low with this guy 😅. Left his morals in the UK I think.

  28. He is as British (traitor) as his Rover (not at all)

  29. What’s the song/band? I really like it! ❤️🇺🇦

  30. Sounds very much like KACETA by #SadSvit

  31. pootlers fool tool talks what he has no clue as offering "solution" to a war with pootinistan.... absolute tool

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