1. Glad you liked it so much! I added my own touch to it so it’s kinda flattering hahah 😄

  2. Çok güzel, paylaşım için sağol! 😄

  3. He’s the man who sells tomatoes to the math problem guy

  4. Awesome face! It looks like you had fun, good on you! 😄

  5. "Do you even know how smart i am in Spanish?!"

  6. Man i loved these little dudes, medieval legos were awesome!

  7. someone was messing with you 😄

  8. Aesthetically the version of bumin khagan in "ilk göktürk" is probably my most favourite.

  9. There isn’t any real depiction of him so either goes really.

  10. Probably. But what people at that time wore is most likely what he wore as well. But what exactly DID people wear back then?

  11. Ah i can help you with that. Even back then, Turks wore various types of clothes and didn’t always look the same depending on where they lived but from what we can see on statues and painting the Göktürks were known to have long hair, often braided, they wore pants and tunics suited for horsemanship, fur and felt hats were used, richer Turks had clothes made of silk, mostly they wore light and comfortable clothes. Most figures from paintings represent the higher class and not the lower so it isn’t representative of the entire population, who might’ve looked different. Iranic and Chinese similarities could be seen.

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