Thousands march in London to protest low pay and rising cost of living

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  1. Not really, there was an episode of Mr Robot which was basically an extended chase scene which I thought was brilliant.

  2. There's a reason I'm very insecure about my music taste. Ok I'm very insecure in general

  3. enable passthrough, go to steamvr > show vr view > screenshot > bam done

  4. I have a problem: literally all of my greentexts are either about teachers, school or 4chan itself. I can't get anything good.

  5. We could try literally anything else for a start

  6. I need to hear it from a slow and breathy manner......

  7. Morbin time is the exact same vein of humor that spawned Ugandan knuckles

  8. They are completely different, that's like asking someone to compare Wreck It Ralph (or what ever it's called) to August Underground

  9. Then go to the actual subreddit where they are dumbass. This isn’t the only place to find them

  10. I want to take my dad to Top Gun Maverick because the original is his favorite movie ever

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