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  1. Thank you! It’s very freeing by comparison to traditional box modeling 👍🏻

  2. Oh wow! Yeah… I shoulda specified lol. It is indeed a helmet of some kind. It’s kinda hard to tell without the neck and shoulders modeled around it 😂

  3. If you want to see some more of my antics here’s a link to my channel 😂

  4. If anyone is interested you can check them out at

  5. Yeah it has a ton of phenotypical variation due to being an f1 or f2 cross of a type 1 and 3 together. Basically you could have offspring anywhere on the spectrum from damn near compliant to full blown high THC.

  6. You just put into words everything I’ve been feeling. I love Flow. I think they grow a great product. But I’ve been turned off by them lately since their COAs seem misleading. I have a little tolerance for THC but don’t have much of a desire to be caught off guard for a couple hours because of a COA that wasn’t telling the whole truth. As a result other vendors will get my business.

  7. Yeah if they had harvest COA’s then I’d be over the moon stoked on how their doing it, but without them it’s just a mess.

  8. I hear ya. I’d love to mix some of their type 2 with Type 3 to get levels more suitable for me. But I don’t feel I can even begin to look at that option since I don’t even know how strong it is to begin with.

  9. It honestly depends! I screen print at home and there are some benefits and drawbacks. I feel that since I do my own screen printing I’m in more control of my designs. However there is definitely a learning curve and I have ruined my fair share of products doing it myself. Burning screens can be pretty involved. I personally use a screen printing company to burn my designs into screens for me. Emulsion and screen printing chemicals can also be pretty harmful so I would just make sure you are in a well ventilated space. Screen printing can also be a pretty big financial investment. It may seam cheap but it can get expensive pretty quickly. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Hope this helps!

  10. o dear, it's my first day and I'm so lost. I managed to create some images though. what tutorials after the very basic one did you watch or read? did you reference an image online? those numbers and letters you posted do what? :) I'm still at the text prompts and basic settings stuff atm

  11. It definitely gets less confusing the more you use it! I didn’t use any kind of image to guide the AI. As far as the numbers:

  12. thx alot! will dive into it right now:)

  13. I really enjoyed the strawberry cheesecake. For me, it’s a good nighttime strain. I also found it to have an interesting sweet and diesel sort of smell. It’s good stuff. You won’t be disappointed! 👌🏻

  14. It’s too late.. shoulda harvested at least a week ago!

  15. Hey you win some you loose some. At least you didn’t start getting those weird buds on your plant. I always cut those off and throw em out!

  16. I swear Blueberry Muffin from Flow Gardens smells exactly like fruity pebbles. Slightly different cereal 😂but hopefully this helps!

  17. Not op. But I’m doing my very first grow of some Silent Nirvana seeds from Hoku! I was just curious if there is any indicator for what to look for with trichomes when harvesting for CBD? I know typically you want them to look milky white with some turning amber. Would this change for CBD? I just assumed hemp seeds would produce high CBD and low THC regardless. Your comment is leading me to believe otherwise. It’s my first grow so I’m just trying to learn!

  18. Nice! It’s really fun to grow your own. I don’t have a ton of experience, but so far I’ve waited until the trichs are milky, with some amber if it shows up. Some strains turn amber, some don’t. The abacus did just a little bit amber and 95% milky. And in my limited experience so far, I’d estimate around 2-4%thc and 10-15%cbd in the harle-tsu/tsunami/abacus that I’ve grown. I haven’t tested any yet as the local labs are really backlogged and I’m not too concerned.

  19. Awesome! Thank you 🙏 I prefer 2:1 CBD: THC so a little extra THC doesn’t concern me but figured I’d ask to try and avoid any unexpected surprises 😂

  20. I’m pretty new to growing so there are many more people more qualified to answer this over me but they could be stretching because they are looking for light. You could try bringing your seedlings closer to their light source. Hope this helps!

  21. I have a medical card. Dispensaries in my state charge $60 an 8th the whole way out. It’s just not affordable at all plus the effects just get me zooted. Plus they don’t let medical patients homegrow! It’s actual insanity.

  22. You could always mix your medical flower with some high CBD hemp flower. If you match the thc percentage to the cbd percentage of your hemp you can get a pretty nice 1:1 that a lot of the more popular Franklin strains have. It’ll help your budget too since you won’t be burning up your medical weed as fast. I do this and love it! Hope this helps my friend 👍🏻

  23. I’m going to have to give this a shot. Especially with some of the new HOKU CBD x CBG strains that should probably bring a similar effect that I’m looking for.

  24. I use a scale to measure things out since it’s a lot easier to be accurate but I can’t recommend this method enough! You are also more in control of getting the desired effects. Hope this works out for you in the meantime ✌🏻

  25. Step 1: delete the default cube Step 2: add a cube

  26. You can add turbulent displace to your text layers and mess around with the amount, size, complexity, and evolution to create that hand drawn jitter that the text in this video has. They are also key framing the scale of the words slightly to further sell the hand drawn effect. The “wiggle” expression can be your friend here. Also, don’t forget to chose a font that looks more organic and hand written. Hope this helps!

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