1. you being negligent around food safety doesn’t mean it’s a stretch… squash your kids damn berries. it’s not hard.

  2. See this thread is just becoming differences in parenting. Exclude the og post, how someone feeds their kids and says it on a comment doesn’t make them a bad parent. Just cause you feed your kid gluten free food doesn’t mean the parents who feed their kids gluten are in the wrong? (That was an example)

  3. gluten vs gluten free isn’t comparable to foods that can kill a child.

  4. Why do the chips almost always taste like a weird metallic flavor?

  5. Hell no they shouldn't. Beats half the purpose of the kids selling them.(the other part,, the money). Any time a parent brought that form to work I'd say, Send your kid. I'll buy some then.

  6. I’m not even kidding when I say I took home the lotion from a hotel bathroom on NYE. so, yeah, nothing special. January has been awesome though.

  7. It’s gorgeous! I have never used a product like this before so it’s something I have yet to try.

  8. Wow, that was fast, love that ipsy bag! That's really cute, is it as big as it looks ? Idk if u have tried the juice beauty sunscreen, but u probably won't like it lol on me it left such a white cast, wouldn't hardly soak in, and very oily, hope it does better for you, great bag tho

  9. I feel the same way! It’s a clay base I think. I wore it all day today and I do feel oily a tad, I have very oily skin but hasn’t made it worse. I had to rub and rub, I was so confused why it was so pale on me lol.

  10. Fabu Hair is outstanding. I’m so serious when I say it. Affordable and professional. I had a hair girl for years and decided to try Fabu out and I will not look back.

  11. It’s noticeable if I was really taking the time to look at your features while we speak, but it wouldn’t turn me away personally. Everyone has something on their body they’d like to hide, whether it’s in public or under our clothes. I would recommend seeing a doctor and a skin specialist to remove it. If a woman rejects you over that, then I would consider it your best wing man. Be confident in who you are! It would be easy to remove if you’d like, so check around with your doctor or use it to find the right gal. Lol!

  12. Devils advocate here, I used Spirit to fly Indy to Vegas and back. It was cramped and not the friendliest, but I had no problems. I read the rules and measured my bags. This isn’t a ‘everyone will have this problem’ problem. I’m truly so sorry OP had this experience and I would be shitty as hell if it happened to me, but I’m so over the “well it happened to me so everyone fuck them” narrative. If you want to travel for cheap I highly recommend, but know that you’re paying for what you get.

  13. Can a Jewish person explain what is meant by in the article that the women have altered their sexual practices as it might result in pregnancy that would “require an abortion according to their religious beliefs…”?

  14. If you don’t know then either educate yourself or mind your own religious business.

  15. Does anyone know who is footing the bill for their 80-ish EV buses that are coming? While I was happy to vote "yes" for this prop, I'm worried we're really paying for EV buses instead of increasing the quality of life for teachers and education for children. Although I'm also for green-initiatives, I don't think the public should foot the bill for them (since it has mostly been government/corporate handshakes which have caused the climate crisis). Would love if anyone had insight into this.

  16. They are not ordering 80 buses, that much I do know. Also, PUBLIC school means PUBLIC Funding.

  17. Omg, I didn’t even think about how weird it’s going to look growing out 🥴

  18. He said he’s going to buzz and bleach it. So that’s what I expect to see when he returns lol.

  19. Oh yea, and gets pissed when the app glitches and says your "WiFi is off" when it never is.

  20. I’m kinda upset not every scroll was the cookie. That would’ve been very primal.

  21. You won’t have a problem. When they go over the instructions on safety and such they may announce that you and whoever else are in those seats must be ready to help everyone out of those doors in an emergency. The odds of that happening? Slim to none. Don’t worry about it at all, you’ll be just fine. (:

  22. I think their recruitment package has a certain amount of rent subsidy or they will help them put a downpayment on a home. They have an enticing incentive packages so much so that they are creating a similar one for the fire department.

  23. Correct, you get help with rent if you rent and if you want to buy a house I believe it’s 25k for a down payment. 🙃

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