1. I just am curious about the United States constitution just casually on your dresser lol

  2. He's been hanging around Nick Cage too much.

  3. I mean some recent major scientific breakthroughs have been from Britain, one of the Covid vaccine, Graphene the other year as well.

  4. There have been downturns before, they hit every decade or so. It's now looking like this will be less severe than the GFC or Early 90s one. Neither of those were fun times ofc, but most people still chugged through and survived.

  5. IS THERE A REASON most guys donโ€™t have art on there walls?

  6. Haha no idea but I have art on several ones, but not on that wall behind me. The idea of something hanging over my head while I sleep makes me anxious!

  7. Not a complete menu, but if you zoom in you can read the prices for a lot of the coffees. Apparently taken in a Starbucks in London June 2007

  8. That is amazing detective work, just what I need! Perfect, thanks for the help!

  9. Yeah I gave that ago, but the Starbucks website from back then is a bit crap, and I couldn't find local pricing alas.

  10. The number of landlords (and rental stock) has been slowly falling for much of the past decade. This is largely due to tax changes. There are now extra taxes on buying additional properties, and you used to be able to claim tax relief on mortgage payments for rental homes you own.

  11. I want to force you to gag on my cock while your boyfriend watches

  12. About 1hr15 door to door, costs about ยฃ28 per day.

  13. The few times I departed from Ashford it was so quiet, just a handful of people getting on there. It doesn't surprise me it's not a priority for them to reopen it.

  14. They want us to suffer so much for so long that when they do finally decide to do something, we'll be so desperate we'll think any kind of help they give out will be wonderful.

  15. This implies there's a "They" with a plan, and the country isn't just veering around chaotically without a responsible adult at the helm.

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