1. Yeah I ended buying it ps sorry for not messaging earlier :3

  2. If you got money to blow then yes, it’s a cute game but in my opinion it feels very unfinished and unpolished. Lots of glitches and just the environment itself is kind of ugly. I got it for free on Xbox after wanting it and I’m kind of glad I didn’t pay money for it.

  3. Raiden looks a bit different but they still all look good nonetheless

  4. Also his expression creaps me out, like it isn't the freindly raiden i know but an old man in his skin and muscle

  5. Where do you keep getting this ideas lmao I love it!

  6. You forgot to mention Tite Kubos Inconsistentcy 🤣

  7. My question is will yor still be so loved if she wasn't a cute airhead waifu

  8. Probably not as much lmao but she'd still be cute imo

  9. Yeah you can say that but the personality difference does matter a lot

  10. I imagine Buddha doing that pose but still getting hit anyways 🤣

  11. Honestly I'm starting to prefer the Lieutenants over the Captains

  12. Ironically he did forgets some things but tbh that happens in most shonen tropes 🤣 so I cant really blame him

  13. You should be dont worry about it I have like 11 and still am getting results

  14. When Trevor got rated lower than Vinny during 90s night Edit:specifically meant Inabas

  15. Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. But, if you want a drawing of your character where you can highlight your features, I can help 😁

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