1. I'm clearly in the minority, but I personally think it's overly harsh to eject first time phone offenders--unless the park communicates the policy more clearly than a general station spiel that's easy to misunderstand/ignore altogether.

  2. Careful with the controversial comment. People on here get butt hurt and offended pretty easily. If you say anything that goes against popular opinion in here you're going to get the downvote crew out in full effect. Bunch of crybaby keyboard warriors here.

  3. Yall are a bunch of crybabies in the sub. My god. I've never read comments from such a bunch of whiny complaining people in my entire life on social media. I go to the park weekly for the last 15 plus years. If anybody feels like expressing their opinions in such a rude fashion as they do behind the keyboard I'm pretty easy to find while I'm there.

  4. No. The last 14572 cakes posted here in the last month were all fake, but this one's the real deal. Blaze up 😐....

  5. They are trying to make it its own time and move away from halloweekends just being part of the " regular " season. Even with the regular season pass it's not included. That's the first time I remember them ever making it an exclusive thing.

  6. This. You good 2 go. Gage is shit oil but its clean.

  7. Yes, I have. I'm the distribution manager at a medical collective in California. I've performed every job and action of our company to better understand the inner-workings, what they deal with on a day to day as well as keeping an eye on the crops. I also have my own small crop. I'm not going to waste time educating a stubborn imbecile. Good day.

  8. What company do you work for so I can avoid them and tell everybody to boycott? What's a matter not proud of your product? Fuckn smartass loser . Lucky you behind a keyboard you fuckn turd.

  9. No, I am not allowed to advertise our product or my business on social media in any form. Same goes with every single employee. The only ones allowed to advertise are the lab techs and master growers. Stay mad. You act like a 12 year old.

  10. Hahaha man you love sucking your own dick don't you? You might be smart, but your personality is shit, which makes you irrelevant. You buy shit carts. I looked at your comments and posts . You're a bum. You smoke brown ass weed and a step above boof carts lol. You sir are the clown. Idc what you may know. You're an asshole. I hope you don't breed. The world doesn't need more people like you. I dont care if you're the king of weed dude, because in the real world , this conversation would have been over after your first verbal insult. Believe that. Have a great day

  11. Oh I could definitely clean it pretty easily, it looks barely used if at all tbh.

  12. Sorry for the shitty picture quality, this is my backup phone. The bud is a dark green with reddish-orange and blue pistils, purple leaf with super sticky trichomes when split.

  13. Looks like crap. Is that downtown or midtown brown lol? An you watch over plants for a fucking job lol?

  14. I don’t buy a lot of carts but for $22 for .5 gram I couldn’t pass it up. The flavor is fantastic on this one. Lot’s of caryophellene which is my favorite. The effects are pretty nice 3-4 good hits and I’m feeling good for about 2 hours. Would buy this all day at that price and wish I had grabbed a couple more.

  15. Just remember , Standard Farms and Standard Wellness are 2 completely different companies . But yeah , Standard Farms co2 carts are pretty good actually . Watch out for their distillate with botanical terps though.


  17. They let my ex ride and she's pretty loose. ( da dum chee 😁)

  18. Pardon my ignorance, but what is a rosin bucket?

  19. This is just a botanical distillate cart from standard farms, their co2 oil is far better if you like this and haven’t had their other stuff.

  20. They're regular CO2 carts are actually pretty decent. I've had a few of them and they're definitely not the worst and the Terps taste ok.

  21. No dispos. Take a cart separate from the battery. Put it in with bathroom stuff loose. battery somewhere separate. No issues ever tsa is not looking for weed. They have even stated it officially.

  22. I ate this steak that was one of the best ever. But then I drove this fast car and it was way better

  23. Might be caregiver made if its a MI product. Some caregivers get their own packaging designed and made.

  24. Skipped out on last night because of this. On my way there now. Hopefully it's over with

  25. I find myself using carts and pods way more. Just seems it takes more flower to get me there regardless of strain compared to a high-quality oil.

  26. Are you qualified to make that determination? Wherrr iz GangstaAdvocate? Dat foo iz da truth round here mi nuggle .......word

  27. Looks legit but unless you or your homie bought it out tha shop, no way to be 💯

  28. A dispensary. A place where you buy legal cannabis

  29. These employees/cp are on some shit this year. Like , almost reminds me of Geauga Lake the last few seasons .So many rude people . Such a shame because I know it has to be in the training. They didn't just all of a sudden higher a bunch of dick heads. This is learned behavior.

  30. Its a real company. A close friend/ brother works for them . The owners name is Brandon. They have sponsored ufc and other fighting athletes .

  31. With that brand name and logo you would think they would try pretend to be something from Colorado, not California. That probably would have been a little more convincing.

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