Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion

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  1. That's the Declaration of Independence. A document that has little bearing on the governing of the country.

  2. On a small scale. Like a commune or scientific research outpost.

  3. The overturning of Roe v. Wade by the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday triggers a 2020 Idaho law banning all abortions except in cases of reported rape or incest, or to protect the mother’s life.

  4. Slacktivism, pride parades and thoughts and prayers aren't enough. You want to see real change, you have to work for it.

  5. Not enough are getting into the jobs that lead to politics.

  6. Taking them to the gravesites of your previous exes.

  7. The US isn't a signatory. Furthermore, there are a few countries that are ICJ signatories that ban abortion outright or in some circumstances.

  8. It's been a while since I watched it, but my interpretation was that von Hammersmark didn't have any true allegiance and was similar to Landa in that she was going to go with whichever side seemed most likely to come out alive. Once Landa realizes siding with the Allies/Basterds is his best choice, he eliminates her because he can't risk her siding with the Germans and undoing what he has planned.

  9. I agree von Hammersmark was an opportunist. Many IRL spies didn't do it out of fanaticism, rather they placed a bet with what they thought was the winning team.

  10. It literally wasnt. Thanks to Roe, the people had no ability to vote on whether they wanted it or not. The court took that decision away from the people. And yes, it is in the hands of the majority. That is how democracy works.

  11. Conversely, by restricting abortions SCOTUS took away the choice of many women to choose to have access to a safe abortion. By having a federal-level right (like speech or guns) it makes that right available to everyone. And it's up to the individual to choose how or if they utilize that right. By making it a state-level decision, that choice is now a financial decision for those women who live in states where abortion is now illegal. The court didn't take the decision away from the people by deciding on Roe; it gave that choice directly to the people to choose without interference from the state or federal government.

  12. Yeah I'd be surprised if it was initially. However, now that we have Space Force maybe it'd be merged in. But, then you'd think that those enlisted in the Space Force would just get a regular Medal of Honor.

  13. Since the Space Force is under the Department of the Air Force, I'd imagine that it's the same as the Marines earning the Naval version of the Medal of Honor. So if a Space Forceman (Space Cadet? Ranger?) earned the Medal of Honor they'd receive the same one as the Air Force's version. The Congressional Space Medal of Honor is a civilian award.

  14. I'll just end this one real quick, because abortion rights are not Protected in word in the constitution.

  15. Any and all amendments are as much a part of the Constitution as the Preamble and other Articles. That's in the Constitution.

  16. Texas can't. There's a SCOTUS decision (Texas v White). Doing anything approaching secession will trigger a response from the federal government. If Texas raises an army or closes borders, that would be illegal.

  17. I think it's like a fun house mirror maze. You can see one side and when you walk to it you're close to where you started. And if you try and go back to the start, you end up somewhere else. All over you can 'perceive' an edge and a beginning. But never reach either.

  18. Call your rep and demand they impeach them.

  19. But how would you communicate to buy things, not only that but you can only hold 1 thing at a time with your beak.

  20. They should also hire a few "Postal Shreks" to keep the donkeys focused.

  21. AskReddit thread about 'murican greatness?

  22. I'm gonna tell my kids this is the fabled 'Rule Of Thumb'.

  23. Maybe stop canceling your shows when they get good.

  24. And maybe don't spend money on "Is It Cake? type shows.

  25. The Proud Boys sure must be proud of themselves…looks like they got outdone by story time…

  26. The best part is there's, like, 15 people in all of Montana.

  27. That's quite interesting. What is the longest in each continent?

  28. Onyx River in Antarctica is 20 miles and doesn't reach an ocean.

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