1. I'm perfectly fine with it... Don't people on Modern loose around half of their moves? Also less control over what's been used. Between that and been on even more platforms this time, I can see it having a very healthy player base for some time.

  2. if you want all of the relevant content i’d recommend the deluxe witch queen and 30th anniversary bundle which is £66 atm which includes witch queen all of the next 3 seasons and 30th anniversary dlc however if you also want stasis you will need to get beyond light as well

  3. Ahh okay, thank you very much for the reply. Would I also need the legacy collection?

  4. Just have 😁.. thought I'd be safe from modded stuff on Xbox, guess not lol.

  5. Yeah that's what I was thinking, thought I would check to make sure first though. Thank you very much, I'll delete it then 👍

  6. If you don’t have the DLC and someone gives this to you….will the game allow you to use it?

  7. Did this drop from the wheel? Or in the dlc missions? Played all night and didn't find one.

  8. I only problem I've experienced with an over inflated pad is rolling off of it. Your weight alone shouldn't pop it. It would be something puncturing it. There are no silly questions.

  9. I'm a big dude (23 stone). I use a Thermorest pad. I usually do what you did, fill it up until it feels firm. Then once I'm laying down on it I'll let air out of it feels to firm. I've never popped one.

  10. Thank you, that's really good to hear. I'll try no to worry as much then. Cheers again 👍

  11. It’s in every credit scene so it’s most likely just this

  12. You are correct, I just went back and checked the other credits. So chances are I was definitely incorrect presuming this was the 3rd costume.

  13. Hmm nice catch. Could be something.

  14. It could be.. It shows this and then the 2 we have already seen.. definitely implies it's a 3rd.

  15. During the end credits we saw 3 suits (37:25 timestamp).. Anyone know what suit that first one was?

  16. Yeahh his eyes aren't glowing white either.

  17. I didn't even notice that part, but you are spot on.

  18. The backstories change is a massive kick in the nuts to us on Xbox. I've just finished getting all the dice on my 4th character and this just makes me not want to play 😭

  19. Sources of ability damage always explicitly say "ability damage" or "x ability damage" (where x is an element) in their description. It's sometimes synonymous with action skill damage, but not always.

  20. I understand now, for instance Blizzard says "Dealing Frost Ability Damage" so that will be effected. Thank you for the reply 😁

  21. action skills do different types of damage. for example sprewardens barrage does ability damage and clawbringers hammer does melee damage. there are also skills in the skill tree that do ability damage too like brr-zerkers blast chill and grave borns blast grasp. ability crit damage only affects skills that say they are an ability

  22. Ahhhhh, i'm not going to lie, I totally missed that some of the skills actually say ability damage. Thank you very much for your reply

  23. Why did she turn to this big ball of mush after I finished her quest? Lol

  24. I have an uncle on my wife's side who lives in New Zealand, so I'm allowed to as that basically makes me part kiwi!

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