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  1. I think my anti-xeno Krait MK2 was called Strelizia

  2. I really thought Russian Isekai would be just you being transported to gulags in siberia.

  3. Reposting for a 3rd time because the other two had too many straight lines. I think I got most of them this time.

  4. Would’ve been better if everything wasn’t so curvy tbh

  5. There's also Myanmar/Burma which was part of the British Raj

  6. Yup, now you will have like 2-3 fps more.

  7. If it wasn't for their failed attempts at colonization, the Scotland would still be independent.

  8. People tend to forget that at that point, Scotland had been in a personal union with England for around 100 years.

  9. Interestingly I see this setup a lot in LNs but it's kinda rare for mangas like I can't think of much mangas that have the generic gloomy and loner MC that gets a harem for no real reason.

  10. There's the Quintessential Quintuplets though the MC does build a functioning relationship with them over time.

  11. Or just be like the Ottomans with its state-sponsored fratricide. Where the 1st in line start blasting.


  13. When the chorogons refuse to share the means of bust size enlargement

  14. Fun fact: In Alabama, they stopped showing an American cartoon because it was “too violent” and then proceeded to play Orelmo instead

  15. Just set up your own antipope. Excommunication be gone!

  16. I wish the English people had done a french revolution

  17. They did, it's called the English Civil War.

  18. Hans Scharff was an interrogator for the Luftwaffe. Being opposed to using violence against the prisoners, he would instead act as the POW's greatest ally and befriend him. This included "sharing jokes, homemade food items, and occasionally alcoholic beverages." Some POWS were allowed to visit German airfields, have tea with German aces, go to swimming pool excursions, and visit other POWS in hospitals. Many would be taken on strolls through the woods, talking about random topics. Reportedly, one captured pilot was even allowed to fly a Bf 109 for a bit.

  19. Wasn't he also more successful at gaining information that way rather than through torture?

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