1. Sleep paralysis happens when in REM sleep it happens to all of us. The abnormal kind that we hear about, with or without hallucinations, happens because someone is actually awake but the body thinks it's asleep.

  2. As someone who suffers from sleep paralysis, it can be terrifying how real it seems. I have had the 'alien figure in the doorway with green eerie light' experience and, honestly, if I didn't know sleep paralysis was a thing I may very well be inclined to believe it really happened.

  3. Im in the UK so also a cash-gifting culture.

  4. Yep, totally normal. Well, it's the norm to talk to yourself (as in most people do it to some degree) and its a healthy thing to do. 'Normal' is subjective.

  5. Thank you! I took these on different days and I think my hair and makeup being someone done certainly helps the overall look but I totally see your points :)

  6. Honestly I love what the second dress does for your figure. It pulls you it at the waist and then makes your hips and bust look a bit wider, giving you a classic hourglass kind of shape but in a really subtle way.

  7. Thank you! The sparkley one is definitely more in my comfort zone but I’m also kinda like “it’s my wedding, if there’s a night to make a daring choice this is it!”

  8. I'd go with whichever one gives you the best feeling when you have it on.

  9. She's gorgeous! I'm sure she adored you and her life with you was full and happy.

  10. The darkness of the desired colour, and the fact it's a red tone, means it should cover your current colour just fine.

  11. Semi permenant hair dyes are deposit-only. There's no developer involved and the colour does not go into the hair, only on the top of it. It washes out. It's essentially conditioner that puts colour onto your hair. Most fashion colours are semi permenant. No damage to hair.

  12. So the groom can't forget them, he'll have a lot of other things to remember/worry about.

  13. Definitely the red ones. A lovely, cheeky pop of colour that matches your bouquet and your groom would be so subtle but so gorgeous.

  14. Even as the bride, I worried about this as I've never worn a ring before. I was sure it would super weird and I would hate the feeling of it. Not married yet but I've had an engagement ring on for a while now. It was super weird at first.

  15. Perfectly reasonable deal breaker. It would definitely be one for me as well.

  16. Just for future reference, the area you're referring to is called the 'mons pubis'. Also, you always shave 'with the grain', so in the direction of hair growth. Any other way makes ingrown hairs more likely.

  17. Try proper catnip instead of catnip spray. None of ours react to catnip spray but they all go gaga for catnip.

  18. One of mine does this as well. Pizza crusts will be stolen when I'm not looking, stashed somewhere for later and then used as a toy.

  19. White gold needs to be re-plated to maintain the colour.

  20. My fiance wanted the same thing, he eventually found a gorgeous one on etsy. I'll see if I can find the seller name, they have a few I think.


  22. First of all, you look absolutely GORGEOUS in this dress. I think hoop or no hoop looks great. As another commenter pointed out, the pic with the hoop was taken at a lower angle which automatically makes everything seem a bit bigger. What matters most is what you are most comfortable in and what makes you feel the best. I think if this were me, I’d go without the hoop for a more streamline look. I actually just ordered my dress yesterday and when I tried it on, it had a petticoat installed which added more volume than I liked and as soon as she removed it, I loved the less “poofy” look so I think I know how you’re feeling.

  23. Thank you, yeah I think I've decided on no hoop. I fell in love with it that way and it just doesn't seem very me with the hoop. Too much drama.

  24. Has the bust been fitted yet? It looks like it's too large and is sitting in front of your boobs leaving a gap? Maybe it's just the angle of these pics!

  25. The side on picture is pre alterations in the bridal store, pic with the hoop is after round one of alteration but more still needs taking out

  26. I believe this many cats together is referred to as a mischief.

  27. I second this!! We are using say I do, and it’s been so easy- we paid the like $39 for the premium subscription and it’s all been super intuitive and easy to change things as we needed to

  28. Yeah, it's been pretty good. I super like that the rsvp function you search for yourself on the guest list, so only those on the guest list can physically rsvp, and you can allow or dissallow plus ones and it asks them for dietary requirements as well.

  29. They haven't asked you to pick out the outfit for them, only for suggestions (so they can likely learn styles you'd be okay with).

  30. Fair enough. For my FMIL, once she had a color palate idea she shows me things and I agree and point out things I like about the dress.

  31. At this point. I'd be a bit annoyed by my mother if she was trying to get me to dress her when she's been successfully dressing herself for years. I understand the thought process, that she's worried about picking something that you won't like, but you can still 'approve' whatever she picks if it makes her feel better.

  32. To avoid it being stepped on or getting in the way, most brides opt for a bustle or wrist loop.

  33. I agree that she obviously needs a wedding planner but if she can’t afford one, she could also spread these duties out, among her eleven bridesmaids.

  34. Personally, I still don't think that would be appropriate unless they specifically offered to help with planning.

  35. I’d agree about the dress fittings if it wasn’t for 13 people. That’s an insane thing to coordinate/be responsible for

  36. Which is probably why the bride doesn't want to deal with it herself. Sounds like the bride needs a wedding planner but doesn't want to pay for one, which I can understand if they can't afford it, but just do it yourself then don't make your MOH do everything.

  37. I'm also wearing a MAC matte shade on the day - RubyWoo red. I've honestly not considered it before reading this, but I won't be doing anything differently. I'll just kiss him lightly and have wipes in my bag to wipe it off his mouth if it transfers.

  38. Yup, I brought mine forward and changed the plan. Just doing the ceremony at the registry office and asked a local horror cafe if we can have the reception there (we've been a few time and fiance knows the owner). So we went local, went smaller and went more casual over formal. Its basically we get married then have a party. Christmas themed so a Christmas party!

  39. Mine is 22nd December, but in the UK. I didn't even consider an outdoor wedding. Even if the temperature wasn't an issue, the chance of crappy weather (rain, wind) just makes it easier to plan an indoor weather from the offset.

  40. And congratulations! Christmas/winter weddings are awesome. I'm very excited for mine.

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