1. Men will do literally the most work just to get into your pants. Make them prove themselves before you sleep with them. Wait weeks or months or however long it takes. Only the people that really like you will stay.

  2. This is why I will only date dudes who I've been friends with for a while. Plus you get to know them on a deeper level first.

  3. I feel you. I went through that pretty hard. It can get better tho 💖

  4. Change usually requires hope and a spark. It seems that you don't have hope it'll work based on the line "I continuously disappoint myself..." It also seems that you're dejected mentally which makes change harder. You have to believe that it can get better. Change your mindset, stop letting negative thoughts rule you. I know it's not easy I've been there. Instead of saying "I continuously disappoint myself" say instead "Mistakes are going to happen but I'll learn from them." It does help a lot. Make a plan. This will probably help you a lot. Having an idea on what you're going to do and when you're going to do it will help you keep focus. You'll also be able to monitor your progress while doing it. Listen to motivational videos. Those usually help me get hyped to do something and be better. You got this. Change is possible if you work for it and you believe in it.

  5. Sadly it seems people are still ignorant to how depression works 😮‍💨

  6. They don't believe in that stuff, my dad thinks mental illness is just a young people thing too.

  7. I'll do some research on what to do in your situation sometime later

  8. Eh, you don't have to. Not much I can do unless I have money for a therapist (which I don't). I'll just take it one day at a time I guess.

  9. I would feel bad if I didn't give some helpful advice or comfort. However, if you don't want me to than I won't

  10. You can still be those things again. What went wrong, if I may ask? Also have you talked to your parents about how you're feeling?

  11. Did you guys see that reply??? I'm sick??? Jew lover??? Bro what??? Who brought up Jewish people???

  12. Don't give up dude. Hope is everything. It's one of the most important things that keeps you pushing. You'll never be able to obtain good things if you give up. There's going to be other jobs that you're going to enjoy. There's going to be other people you'll click with and enjoy being around. There won't be if you call it quits. It might be hard but you gotta keep moving. Use that as fuel to be better. Things can improve.

  13. I'm here to listen to peoples stories and try to help the best I can. I don't want anyone feeling like they have no one. I want people to be as happy as possible. I want to help as many people as I possibly can. I searched different negative emotions in the search bar and I ended up here.

  14. If they make an effort to hang out and talk with you that's the best indication of them liking you. They're with you and they accept you for who you are. I think you should believe that they like you. Overthinking about it will only destroy you mentally and hurt you. I think whenever you start thinking about it you should set up healthy coping mechanisms. For example, putting on music or have a "breathe in breathe out" kind of thing. Although, this is coming from an internet stranger who knows nothing about you or your life xd So I'm sorry if I sound dumb. Those sound like pretty cool friends to have. I'm glad you found people who you can be open with. Stay safe and stay hydrated. Best wishes 💖

  15. I feel you man. If you find that other weirdo like yourself it's gonna be hype tho.

  16. A lot of people like to pick on others to make themselves feel better. They tend to choose people who are "easy" targets so they won't get their ass beat. Usually theae "easy" targets are the kids who aren't popular and are maybe shy/awkward. I was one of those kids :/ I'm assuming you are too. Those people may get made of by their friends or behind their back but since they got a group people usually stay quiet.

  17. Happy belated birthday! I'm sorry it's really rough for you. I hope that french toast was some of the best you've ever tasted. I hope the days do get better for you. Just know you're not alone in that feeling. Much love and good wishes.

  18. Sometimes creativity and inspiration come from the darkest places. I had a similar experience. When I was depressed, I wrote a lot of poems and thought of a lot of art I could make (if I actually had the talent). I think you should use these feelings to your advantage. See what you can create. Just make sure to not stay in that mental headspace for too long as it wouldn't be healthy.

  19. I don't think they care about you the way you care about them. If they're leaving you out and talking about hanging out in front of your face and not inviting you that's a huge sign. If you think they're being weird trust your gut instinct. I think you should focus on talking to different people. You don't have to leave them completely, just make an effort to find some other people who you click with.

  20. I'm sorry you're going through a really rough time and I'm sorry for your loss as well. I hope you feel way better in the morning, and you have a wonderful day. Take care of yourself and remember to stay hydrated. Best wishes.

  21. Dude it's not you if you're putting all the effort in the relationship. Have you communicated these feelings/thoughts to her? If you have then she isn't the one. Not to mention ignoring someone who's supposed to be your partner is extremely hurtful and isolating. Yet, that's what she's doing.

  22. It seems pretty cheap to tell yourself that everything's going to be alright

  23. It may be to some people. I think what matters is if it helps you get though the day. If it helps you keep going. Hope is everything.

  24. Hey, if you want to talk about it my dms are open. I hope you don't harm yourself. I hope you talk to someone about what you're feeling.

  25. I think we can mourn for others misfortune. If someone is empathetic they can feel some of the pain of others. I think caring people want to help others become the best version of themselves possible. My relief from the pain I went through is helping other people with theirs. I want to see people thrive and be happy (Sorry if I didn't understand your question my vocabulary is limited). It's only doomed if you give up completely. For where there is hope there is light. Even if it doesn't seem possible to get better I feel like there is a way for you to overcome your situation. Maybe you might be the same way too. Maybe you'll learn something about yourself along the way. I believe in you and your potential. You got this 💖

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