1. pine knob last summer after they finished up i know you rider

  2. bro you're a worse reader than Brendan jesus 🤣😂🤣 that was a tough watch cuz you suck at reading

  3. You mean Slave by Silverhcair/s lol Still can't believe Silverchair ripped Mad Season off.

  4. you're positive it was ? if so hell of a rip off

  5. Didn’t realize it was the Alice sub lol but yeah I heard it, pretty cool!

  6. i first went to the mad season sub and it wasn't active, maybe went to the wrong one

  7. personally for me being 25 i think it is the amount of video and the quality of audio and video. Also the most amount of energy from the whole band. A lot stemming from Brent

  8. the seating was kinda the whole thing , george being behind bobby made a big difference

  9. dancing days by stp or ramble on by train on the howard stern show

  10. shutup. im new to the grateful dead scene and would love to see it.

  11. yes carlo i do wow you nailed it on the head

  12. There are a ton of them. JGB almost every time they played it. The dead played it once or twice. But the JGB versions are where it’s at. It’s one of the best Jerry songs ever for sure. I absolutely love it

  13. i think i just saw they played it 4 times , all in 91’

  14. Lol this song was stuck in my head this last week

  15. same , heard it for the first time about about a week ago

  16. your dude didn’t even look like him that’s why i thought it was funny

  17. You mean to tell me he didn’t personally acknowledge you?? Man fame has sure gone to his head. 😂😉

  18. I guess the crowd near me didn’t realize he just came out

  19. The best concert I’ve ever been to. Amazing

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