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  1. Your post was removed because you have less than 50 karma

  2. READ THIS MESSAGE! Your post was removed because we require a minimum account-age and karma that you do not meet. Msg the Mods if you would like to bypass this and be added as approved user. Your post and comment history will be reviewed when we make a decision.

  3. This post seems to be from an unverified account. Use caution when interacting with these types of users as there is no way to verify them. Please refrain from exchanging any personal information and be cautious sharing pictures. When chatting off reddit, try using anonymous chat platforms such as KIK. If you suspect this account of being malicious please pm the mods.

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  7. yo can I get a ban for 10 days I want to touch grass more thx.

  8. Hello MarkssT2139, your post has been removed. Your reddit account must be at least 14 days old to participate here. There has been an increase in spammers and scammers, and we notice that many of them are brand new accounts. You can override the account age requirement by getting verified with the subreddit. Please view the subreddit rules for info on verification

  9. Hi! This is a reminder to please read and follow the rules of the subreddit or risk a permanent ban. Please do not include any posts that may reference, infer, or just outright state anything that is banned. We're trying not to get axed!

  10. All comments must be civil and helpful toward finding an answer.

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