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  1. That didn’t stop people putting Sasha into the lesbian hand pose compilation.

  2. Are we sure they want this sociopathic bitch to run a war machine making company?

  3. Hilda: His dead ancestors. Basically, 6 dead Hunters. I learnt some necromancy that's all

  4. Eeeehhh… maybe I’m not giving it enough of a chance, but as far as I got into it the character dynamics just felt weirdly immediate and expository rather than organically substantive.

  5. I can definitely say it’s way better then some of the lazier crossovers out there.

  6. So this could explain how the trappers got their masks in a less gruesome way right?

  7. Maybe try to trick him the same way Aladdin did to Jafar to somehow trap him.

  8. In Chinese mythology there was a Yellow Dragon also known as the Yellow Emperor. It definitely seems fitting for Yang

  9. There’s a fanfic that goes with this fic, Jaune and Johnny end up being sent to Remnant courtesy of Arasaka. In the few days he’s there he manages to watch two ninjas fight robots on a train, fight Mother Nature whilst Johnny plays the guitar in the background, then managed to get into a bar fight with a blonde chick and then steal her bike afterwards.

  10. A gacha game made by hoyoverse, a lot of fate fans hate it cause they review bombed fgo or something. Hoyoverse recently announced a partnership with ufotable who made UBW

  11. From what I recall, all solos are edgerunners, but not all edgerunners are solos. "Edgerunner" is a term for a group of people that skirt the edge of legality, thus their name: they're the fixers, the netrunners, the solos (mercs) that carry out the shadier, less public biz in the Cyberpunk world. Their reasons for doing so are as varied as the edgerunners themselves. You have the "good guys" (insofar as there are 'good guys' in the setting) like Morgan Blackhand who fight against corporate tyranny and you also have psychos like Smasher who don't care who they work for or why, just as long as they get to do nasty shit.

  12. But his wiki said Blackhand just works for the highest bidder, he doesn’t have any agenda or aspirations

  13. She is still called daredevil but She also goes by the nickname, "the drummer of Philly". Also her first name is different it's Mattea instead of Matthew.

  14. Well at least this isn’t depressing like the last time travel comic

  15. The official code for LA airport is LAX (el-ay-ex)

  16. Sorry, I’m an Aussie, you could say you’re joke FLEW right over me

  17. We’re getting one the best nicktoons back with the best god damn villain as a bonus! Fuck yeah I’m hyped!

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