1. They have brought people in to live in other peoples homes. Get this trash source out of here.

  2. There are currently troops from Italy, France, US, UK, Rapistrussia, China, and every PMC outfit in Africa.

  3. This is what happens when your doctrine doesn't think that maintenance companies are important.

  4. I actually think is wrong on a few levels. Each "western" country has their own reasons. Many countries simply didnt have much readiness in place and are still limited by their own meager stocks. There are simply not enough 777s in the world or Caesars.

  5. I'd like to know if the HIMARS survived

  6. Why would you believe a single thing out a russians mouth for the next 500 years?

  7. Aren't Panzerhaubitze like 24 million a pop? That would be a 2 billion sale.

  8. Not saying that this will happen but the they could pay for it with US lend lease.

  9. They were not the dumbest. Don’t disrespect them like that. They served and many were good troops with experience. They made a decision based on their convictions or whatever lead them to not trusting the government. Just because you and I don’t have the same beliefs doesn’t mean they were stupid as much as possibly confused and mislead.

  10. Endlag leaves you vulnerable for longer than other characters.

  11. 80 CR is the true sweet spot. When you take scalings and multipliers into account for individual characters you need to balance the stats they use. Use Optimiser and take the guesswork out of it.

  12. Sounds like something right out of a freaking movie.

  13. Its been a while since I read about this but early plans had tiered defense because they wanted to wait for fallout to subside to acceptable levels before counterattacking because they would have considerably less manpower/troops while Russia could zerg into fallout teeth falling out drinking vodka. Sadly she is right but if a nuclear exchange did happen the end result would be same.

  14. I do believe Russia has thrown pretty much who they can and within reason what they can at Ukraine.

  15. They have no reason in the sense that its calculated. More like a gambler pulling out his wifes credit cards. Sunk cost going all the way down to zero.

  16. It's just mind-boggling The volumes we are talking about here. It's not like just one ship either we are talking hundreds

  17. 100k children could die monthly if the aide doesn't go trough.

  18. Ya which is why fuck Russia, there's no way to get all the grain to the people without Ukraine ports being open and functioning. Other measures have to be figured out. Some grain can be sent in different methods but the fact is it's not going to be enough. We need another answer. The focus has to be off of getting the grain out. Faster growing crops in different countries. Other contributors it's going to have to be a global effort.

  19. I am glad I am not in charge of anything bigger because I feel like this is a declaration of war against the entire world. Russian shipping should start mysteriously sinking all over. Cut off all their western supplies including medicine and food. They want to starve millions they should face similar consequences.

  20. Always good to see a Redditor from the independent nation of Taiwan.

  21. Damn straight. I hope people in Taiwan see the support for Ukraine and know we always got their back too.

  22. China has its own problems right now. Shanghai is a fucking mess and their economy will have its worst showing this year in 30 years.

  23. They have already completed training of one group AFAIK. They were only waiting for deployment of the launchers and rockets to Ukraine which I believe is expected to happen quite soon, within a week or two.

  24. Austin said 80+ in a speech last week so its possible it was declassified or someone blurted it out and its now commonly known.

  25. Yeah you don't see much video from them anymore. What happened to all the suicide drones Ukraine got though. I heard they received hundreds and only saw less than 5 videos of them being used.

  26. US supposedly put strict guidelines on limiting footage for obvious tactical reasons.

  27. I'm with you on being quite suspicious of Turkey.

  28. last month they had a fast mover fly over a greek city blowing windows and scaring the shit out of some farmers.

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