1. I have found a solid skincare routine with good toner, serums, good sunscreen and a great moisturizer but now I am bored and I am itching to try new stuff but keep telling myself that if the current routine is working then why experiment, I don't know what to do. I have never been at this point where everything I'm currently using has worked so well and I have almost always been on the hunt for that HG product. 🫠 Kinda feel like that feeling you get when you watch your favourite series for a long time and then it ends. Lol.

  2. https://giphy.com/gifs/1wmOVBfBs48YjVelo4

  3. It is. The body wash and lotion are fine. Start slow with logifeel or spot treat, till you know skin is fine with it, everyday.

  4. I think you're having protein overload. I have high porosity hair too and hip length. It's likely more damaged then yours, but even I don't use protein every wash..every ,3 or 4 washes will do. You'll have to experiment a bit to figure exactly how long you can go without, but cut the cream out for now.

  5. This question makes no sense to me. Neither will give results for acne? One hydrates and soothes, the other hydrates, moisturises and soothes. That's about it.

  6. I LOVE Acnes Sealing Gel for acne. It works on my hormonal acne too, way better than Paula's Choice BHA and Aziderm 20% Gel.

  7. Do you feel like it leaves a shadow or dark mark where you spot treat the acne?

  8. Using the same lipstick on the lips and cheeks can cause acne , please be careful with it.

  9. I apply the lipstick on my cheeks with just washed and dried hands, never directly. There might still be risk of acne, but I feel like it's the same as using a tint brush directly on skin or something similar.

  10. you’ve posted a review for a different variant of alpecin before too, right? which one’s your favourite?

  11. Nope. Same variant. I've only ever used this.

  12. Ah I see. Are all your products FA safe?

  13. wait, i’ve never heard about the low waste thing with ink pens, mind enlightening me? also, as a clumsy college student, i find alcohol or Lakmé nail polish remover really do the trick for me.

  14. I used to use microtips or ball points and sometimes used to throw them away or pick another one because I didn't have refills. With ink pens, I simply fill ink as and when necessary and when the ink bottle (big ones) is done, they can be washed and recycled. So I don't generate as much as landfill waste as I used to, in that aspect.

  15. This was the exact one I was looking for! But reviews are so mixed, I've decided to decant to some old spray bottle and wait for my Mac fix + spray to finish. Even that, the older bottles had better misters. I regret recycling them. 😑

  16. Did you report to the admins that report which called me names? Because just because it is anonymous doesn’t mean it gives people a free pass to say anything.

  17. Sigh. I posted that because you are always so quick to jump to accusations of bad faith. Just like you are doing now.

  18. I don't know who is reporting this post and comments for hate based on identity or vulnerability but people are allowed to not like minimalist products. Not liking a brand or it's products != Promoting hate 🤦🏻‍♀️

  19. My bliss leggings are still great. Wore them on multiple treks and they have withstood.. have been using them for 7 months now.

  20. Same! Im not sure how old mine are but I bought them before influencer marketing started. Back when they had only one legging. Maybe quality went down recently?

  21. Empties ,- Vito Naturals Rose water Replaced by Amaranth Mishra (Planned purchase)

  22. Do you think hair oil makes difference. I am thinking of buying a hair oil from looooooonggg time. Should I?

  23. Here's what I know about the science behind it.

  24. Around the same amount. It's subconscious. I don't think about amount unless it's a new sunscreen.

  25. > , other prescription things or actives are also being advised like there is no tomorrow

  26. 25F | Combination skin with oily T-zone, sensitive, dermatitis prone

  27. Can you share a texture shot, please

  28. 2. Vitro Naturals Rose water.

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