obese all my life, I've finally found the right path towards nutrition! its with great pleasure i announce that after 2yrs I'm not obese anymore! (insta id same as username, finally found my self esteem to post pics, do encourage)

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  1. Lmao the sub narrative is not to have a government school system to begin with

  2. Because it’s filled with pedos, which is a bullshit talking point straight from your rightwing media handlers.

  3. On the upside, you can stop giving a shit about that place and it’s bottom line.

  4. Thays the point when tou tell them that you have a mask kink and that you are extremely erect at that moment

  5. Seriously we need a mass exodus of twitter

  6. That already happened. It has some of the lowest market-share among platforms. But it gets a lot of attention because elites still use it. That’s why they resisted the Trump ban for so long because he was driving traffic to them.

  7. We all know he wouldn't fair well, and the gotcha moment wouldn't accomplish anything beyond surface level satisfaction. Stop fighting among yourselves and go after all politicians and any exploitative elite. Hold them accountable and push for greater transparency. Liberals vs Conservatives doesn't help you or your country

  8. And a fucking age limit. You might be spry at 70 and run marathons, but that’s nothing to what we know the presidency does to people.

  9. maybe I just didnt scroll far enough, but i've GOTTA add industrial dishwasher to the list. Make enough prep to feed the house for the night and end up with a few empty quart cups, cambros, and pans? three loads in three minutes, done and done. Make something elaborate at home which god forbid requires mise bowls?? yeah that one dishwasher load is gonna take three hours, come out half cleaned as it's three minute brother, and your "big" pot doesnt even fit in the lower rack so get scrubbing.

  10. And there’s never enough room for everything to dry. My drying rack ends up as a mountain of ceramic and steel.

  11. “Ummm y’all didn’t say there was bacon on the burger I don’t eat pork so take this back” “ma’am lardons in bacon” “ok well how am I supposed to know that??”

  12. Thats not the important part, but its important to understand that shit like this will make people racist or at least avoid POC in the future. Whats the purpose of sitting at someones table disturbing them because they're not doing what you think they should be doing.Not everyone gives a fuck about your struggles.

  13. They were probably racist before but kept it to themselves. Obnoxious protests just give them a reason to let it out.

  14. So uh? Can I get a loaded baked potato no butter or sour cream. Also sub the green onion for pulled pork, and lemme get that on fries instead of a baked potato

  15. The conversation should be had but the push to de-stigmatize I don’t agree with. This isn’t like another addiction. This should be treated as it is. The research for resilience should continue.

  16. But the argument is that “stigmatization” is what keeps people from coming forward and getting help before they offend. As is, they’re congregating in online communities where fuck knows what advice they’re getting. Destigmatization is not decriminalization.

  17. When you’re so reactionary you can’t even bear the thought of studying a problem in order to prevent it. This sub is filled with morons.

  18. Not so much a condiment, but red curry paste. Don’t have a bunch of stuff to fancify your ramen? Some red curry paste will satisfy.

  19. I guess everyone's not as lucky as I am, but for me a massive perk of this industry is that there are restaurants on every corner and there is always a few within walking distance of where I've lived. I've never wasted money on a vehicle to get to work. I watched my father commute hours for work everyday and I knew early on that that way of life was bullshit. I got a bicycle and have a nice little rip to work through a grassy park.

  20. False. U cant own other people. This is ancap 101

  21. Only 1.9% of hourly employees get the federal minimum wage. The market has largely left the federal minimum wage behind. States have made their own adjustments, but even in states that haven’t bothered raising their own, wages have still gone up because people simply refuse to work for so little.

  22. Just check out GoldandBlack, it isn't filled with racist garbage like this.

  23. Careful. Calling out racism isn’t acceptable here unless it’s against white people.

  24. That is so spot on that I thought it was a screenshot before I read the title. Well done

  25. penis damage makes a man more servile. pretty much every ancient culture castrated their slaves for this reason.

  26. Castration and circumcision are two very different things with different results for different reasons.

  27. It’s pointing out the hypocrisy of wanting small government while legislating peoples private lives.

  28. The sad part is, that they probably wont do actual Vecna, just like with the demogorgon not being demogorgon. The show is good, but how they use d&d is insulting to me. They basicly bank on a fanbase that only wants to see their beloved creatures on screen and then simply call their own OCs d&d names. We got a butchered mindflayer and a butchered demogorgon and now we will see a decomposed dude with spell-like powers getting called Vecna.

  29. Well, they probably have to avoid issues with rights so it’s a demogorgon but not, vecna but not. I think i recall somebody on critical role mentioning the need to do something similar for LoVM.

  30. They wouldn't even get close to the production level of Chinese factories though. A big reason they moved production to FoxCon is no manufacturer in the US could pivot on a dime like FoxCon can for the price. I remember reading an article a while back where Apple had green lit production for a few million units, and just as production started ramping up they found a critical flaw in some chip (can't remember the issue) but it would have essentially made the unit useless after a month or two. So Apple immediately brought FoxCon new specs and what did FoxCon do? Activated two dorms of workers (several hundred people) immediately to correct what was on the line already and to re-tool the assembly line literally over night. You will never find that level of efficiency in the American worker and for good reason. Plus, health insurance, unions, mandated work/life balance etc. Production would likely drop something like 60%.

  31. And america doesn’t really have a tech manufacturing labor force, certainly not one that can do that. It’s disgusting what they do to chinese employees.

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