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  1. Umm please change Giantess to Giant because it makes Yangs sound too feminine thank you!!

  2. I got lucky being FG and into punk and goth music & style. And avant-garde fashion too. I just have to stay away from the classic romantic/victorian/vampire stuff and go more contemporary.

  3. I'm very much into this aesthetic as well, if I were to choose I'd choose your combo! What a match 🖤

  4. Goth/punk fashion is so versatile though that any ID can find their own version of it 😊

  5. You can tell he's looking at the camera through sheer force of will

  6. Queen Meg and her footman 👑 And by footman I mean she could literally step on him like a kitchen stool lol

  7. Since Doja has apparently lost quite a bit of weight recently, maybe people will now finally stop seeing a double curve where it doesn’t exists. I hate that the consensus can only shift now when she lost weight, and it really speaks volumes of how this place types people.

  8. I personally cannot see Lady Gaga as anything else except FG.

  9. Most FGs that I can think of have pretty yin faces though, with one or two yang features added like sharpness in the cheekbones or jawline, small lips etc. From what I’ve understood that’s most often the case.

  10. Interesting. Maybe what we understand as more yin and more yang is different?

  11. You’re absolutely right, I understand now that I have a hard time reading yin and yang on faces. Your examples are great because the only one that I would have thought is clearly more yang is Lucy Liu! I just looked at Audrey’s and Penelope’s pictures and I’m seeing it in a completely new light now 😊

  12. This actor pulls so many FG-friendly looks! Here’s some more inspo pics I found:

  13. You are not a fuck-up. And most people don’t know anything about ADHD so your dad would have to be exceptionally knowledgeable to understand what ADHD even is.

  14. The ”fleshy curve” of the upper arm just means that your body produces the usual amounts of estrogen, that’s why your arms, hips, thighs and boobs always have some softness and curve to them. It’s not any deeper than that 🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/Kibbe/comments/lj4ofx/a_kibbe_verified_r_tr_were_almost_exclusively/

  16. Girl you don’t have width. I mean seriously. If you do it doesn’t show in these pictures, especially the behind pic. You just have shoulders and have a bit of weight on you so you get automatically sent to SN/ N fam in here. Please don’t take this the wrong way, it’s just that a lot of people have size bias when it comes to Kibbe ❤️

  17. I don’t think anyone can really tell based on these pictures. I’d like to see a clear head-on pic of her upper body to see if she has width or not. But she doesn’t come across as Gamine of any kind to me tbh, those lines are kind of awkward on her. I hope this doesn’t sound mean but it’s hard to tell someone’s ID if you don’t ever see them dress in very flattering things (or something very skimpy that clearly shows their body). Kibbe is about clothing and how it sits on your body after all.

  18. SG or SC, I’m leaning SG. You don’t have Kibbe width, your line from shoulder through the sides of the ribcage to waist tapers in instead of going down straight, you’re narrow in Kibbe terms. And your body doesn’t look different in different weights from Kibbe perspective, the same features are there.

  19. I think I look better when my lines are broken to take away from the fact that I look too short. But I also like how I look in full head to toe black. My hands look so small even though they are average and my feet look normal sized. I’m a size 8. I feel like when I’m answering questions everything feels in opposition. 😂 My torso is longer (have to get long torso bathing one piece suits), but legs appear shorter and my arms appear average length. I did add more photos to a post above via links if that helps any.

  20. I still can’t tell for sure but you do look super cute in those SG-ish costumes, it’s a lovely look on you! Perhaps you go for that style because you feel beautiful in them? If so, that’s your clue to explore that. I agree with you on the broken lines. And you seem to instinctively go for separates, cropped pants etc. I’d encourage you to experiment with clothing and trust your instinct, you will see when something clicks if you try on enough styles.

  21. Echoing the other comments but just pointing out that these are two different pants with small but important differences. First pair is straight cut, slightly loose and long, regular waist. The other is slightly flared, close-fitting and ends at the ankle, high waist.

  22. I hope u r feeling a lil better OP, and I wanted to let u know something: I found a book at the suggestion of someone here I thought you may benefit from reading too...

  23. I checked and I have that book on my ADHD reading list, it looks great! Now all I have to do is get to finally reading it… I’ve been watching a lot of How to ADHD Youtube videos lately and they are great, they make me feel less alone.

  24. Glad her videos help you, I know what u mean about the feeling less alone thing. And happy u have the book on your list, my copy is in the mail and I'm looking forward to starting it, reading less than 10 pages and then putting it down for at least a week til I have another bad episode that prompts me to pick it back up... 😁haha, being funny, but not Really joking... Sounds like u can relate. And thank you, I'm doing way better this week. Hang in there. If I may quote an optimistic affirmation I once read and liked: "What lays behind us, and in front of us, Pales in comparison with what lays w/in us."

  25. Haha yeah I know how that’s like, I’ve been reading another ADHD book (in my 1st language) for a while now and just picked it up today again after two weeks of thinking ”I should continue reading that book today…” every day. But at least for me reading about ADHD comes with a lot of insights and realisations even after just a few pages so going at a slow pace is probably a good idea so you can sort it all out in your head and not become overwhelmed.

  26. I fantasize about being a rich and mysterious reclusive inhabitant of a rundown gothic manor that the neighborhood gossips and speculates about

  27. Yes! And I will live in a nearby equally rundown gothic tower with my talking pet raven and piles and piles of ancient magical manuscripts. Sometimes you might see a glimpse of me in the darkest corners of the forest, gathering ingredients for my potions, but for some mysterious reason no one has been able to tell exactly what I look like.

  28. There is no answer to these kinds of questions because these questions are irrelevant to enneagram.

  29. Thank you for taking the effort and time to help people understand these important concepts!!

  30. As a 5w4 who had undiagnosed ADHD for a long time, I think you’re onto something.

  31. Can you even be a 4 if you haven’t been burnt and then made it part of your identity?

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