1. Those on the hypermobility spectrum can pull muscles joints and ligaments easily because of poor collagen synthesis. Yes, quite common.

  2. I freaking swear, no later than 10 minutes after I typed this, I pulled my SI joint (bad, can’t walk) trying to hang a bass guitar on the wall above my couch.

  3. I unfortunately don't think its a good idea lots of people have a horrible tendency to litter and put livestock at risk of ingesting something that could kill them. Also people don't train their dogs and I'd be concerned people would allow their dogs to chase sheep and cows and attack wildlife also. People just aren't responsible. I mean for God's sake I can't get people to keep their dogs on lead in the local park where there are signs everywhere. They have this sense of entitlement "oh my dog is the second coming of christ so it's grand" no it's not you eejit put a lead on it or train it to come when it's called!

  4. Women have at least some control over reproductive rights. I can't believe what's happened in the US but it makes me so glad I have the right to an abortion should I ever need one.

  5. Info: which surgeries and what are the consequences you were warned about?

  6. Honestly I was just warned about not letting just any gyno perform surgery. Also that some people who have excision either have bad results or the results don't last longer than a year or so.

  7. I think it's tougher for you because you are in a committed relationship. You love your partner and probably really want to be intimate with him. But your just not feeling it, literally not getting the urge to do so. Please remember that it's not your fault and talk to your husband and let him know it's not his fault either. It's not fair to make yourself feel bad over something that is out of your control. I hope you find a solution and I wish you and your partner the best.

  8. Take another person with you (ideally male presenting). For some reason IMHO it gets you listened to. If the other person can nod or say how endo is impacting you / them, even better. If you can't take someone with you. Explain how it's impacting your work & male family members (husband/bf/cousin/cat if you need to) - how you can't feed them / look after them

  9. My dad will be coming with me so hopefully that helps thanks for the input!

  10. Oh no, Ireland has so few endometriosis specialists compared to the UK :(

  11. Thanks so much for the advice and yes I'm struggling to find a good gyno that understands endo and I'm not going into surgery without thoroughly researching and getting multiple opinions.

  12. Bully breeds are often restricted breeds and thus not allowed in council housing. Also these rescues have ridiculous amounts of hoops you have to jump through to adopt. I'll go to an ethical and responsible breeder before I go to a rescue anymore because the breeders treat you like a human being and support you and the dog for its whole life.

  13. I voted improved over time due to physiotherapy

  14. It doesnt affect me until I express my disagreement and get hounded. You didnt quite read what I was saying either, with the way you said Im not oppressed.

  15. Oh I don't respect that others can live how they choose but people should respect me and my opinions. Listen to yourself!

  16. I respect people for living the way they want but I am absolutely concerned about the way trans women treat cis women, it’s another level of misogyny that I won’t accept. However i’d get called a terf or transphobic for feeling that way lol. It’s almost impossible to have a healthy debate with a transgender.

  17. I've never been mistreated by a trans person it's only cis men that have given me a hard time.

  18. Toy story 4 it ruined the arc of the films and woodys character arc. Destroyed the legacy of the original trilogy.

  19. I get more of a rush out of training my dog than any experience I've shared with humans. Dogs just feel more intense and genuine. when you look at them you know they are there, present, with you. There's only a handful of people I can say have ever even come close to that level of understanding and none of them managed to achieve it without words the way the dogs I've worked with can.

  20. As someone who always had a dog growing up and not that many friends or people around, the connection you get with a dog is probably the most honest and pure form of love one can experience. I can't have a dog right now and I miss that connection very much

  21. I hope you get to have a dog again soon. I am going to college soon and I don't know how I'll cope without my dog.

  22. I think it depends on actions eg nice person vs sex offender. Nice person has more value. Obviously that's a very made up clear cut example but I think it depends on how the person behaves in their life.

  23. That it doesn't excuse shitty behavior. We have to take circumstances into consideration TO A POINT. that point is when they are harming themselves or others, refusing to get medically needed assistance or lashing out and then pulling the mental illness card when confronted.

  24. This is why I won't come forward I know it won't do any good. I'll either be told it was my fault or someone other than my abusers fault like everything else is apparently. They know he hit me kicked me verbally abused me to know end but it's always someone else's fault.

  25. I never drank to begin with but, I generally just get a coke because if you're around people who will try talk you into drinking, you can say it's a rum and coke to shut them up.

  26. When I dog does the "please throw the ball" noise. I love how happy and excited they are.

  27. Yes! I have liked this one guy for at least 7 months now and I still just daydream random conversations with him, imagine sitting in a peaceful room reading with him, sharing a life of music together and laughing together... While we are friends, it is nearly impossible for me to even daydream about even kissing/hugging him, because I don't think my feelings are reciprocated. My brain won't even let me go there until I feel safe enough in my feelings, I think.

  28. I get this totally, and understand why you’d find the roommate comment insulting.

  29. Exactly! The intensity and romance isn't lesser because sex isn't my primary focus.

  30. Christianity has started countless wars and prevented the advancement of medicine and human rights, while allowing for and protecting child abuse in many cases

  31. Because I'm a woman and if it were me who was pregnant and there was a complication and I could die without an abortion, I would like to live. Why are you putting an unborn fetus above that of a fully grown human being with friends, family, a job, hopes, dreams, a life? Why does something that hasn't taken a breath come above my years of life on this planet why does a clump of cells come above everything I have gone through, and everything I hope to achieve on this planet. Our lives are already short, I don't need mine being made shorter for something that isn't even breathing.

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