OTK Announces New Pc Company With Moist As Partner

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  1. Oh God that was a nightmare. Twilight Princess had a couple bad ones too but not as bad as OOT.

  2. I would take Ocarina any day over Skyward Sword’s water levels. The fucking jumping dolphin mechanic?? JUST LET ME LEAVE THE TEMPLE YOU BROUGHT ME TO FOR THE THIRD TIME!!!

  3. I love it, looks really good, 2 changes had the fabric fly into his left armpit. I'm still completely impressed with this and would love to see it live!

  4. Hey that's a good point, I also like risotto. If it was made like sticky rice I would be very sad.

  5. Devil's advocate here: sounds like she never cooked rice before. Use this as a teaching moment and let her know why adding water didn't help. Make a fresh batch of rice and tell her why each step is important. Unless she does know how to cook rice and she was just being a bitch. Then a ream her out and use this as an example of why she's captain of the idiot ship in the sea of ineptitude.

  6. Holy crap seeing his apartment or whatever the hell that place is. That dude has some serious money coming in. That's like opulence to the nth degree. Is his poor English and Goodwill drip part of his show then, or am I giving him too much credit?

  7. OP is this you? That's an aggressive as hell opening letter. Have you had any bites with that. I haven't had the write one of those in a long time but that feels like punching them in the face and scream down their throat what you want.

  8. OMG this would work, this would be fantastic. The vermintide games really made the Left 4 Dead formula work. This could easily be adapted to Lord of the rings and it would absolutely kick ass. Honestly I would probably buy it without a second thought, being one of the different races or a group of them on a quest to defend whatever would be so cool!

  9. Subnautica is also one! I did that whole ray bean mission when the spaceship got distroyed and then got stuck bc i didn't know what to do.

  10. Dude same! I was so lost and couldn't progress any farther. It was disappointing, I heard so many good things about it but I was just lost as hell.

  11. Assassins creed Odyssey as Kassandra, Origins or Valhalla as male. AC2 honorable mention. In this order so you can mix up the feeling and gameplay. It's a nice rhythm between the play styles. And enough change in gameplay to feel different each time.

  12. so you can choose between 3 pre-built pc;s that you can't customize and are way overpriced?

  13. The builds use Teamgroup for the hardware components. You know that super high quality hardware company! 🤣

  14. I would like to know if there's a way to download 10 gigs of butts without repeats...

  15. So it's kind of funny with the ice caps melting, we're getting more water but it's salty. And it's changing the shape of Earth which is making the planet spin faster!

  16. Dogs have no concept of an accident. Only a pattern of pain that you deliver to them. If you don't often hurt them then they won't respond by flinching or being scared of you. But if you have consistent accidents hurting them they're going to think that you like to cause them pain and eventually fight back. It was already studied, unfortunately anytime you hit them they believe it's on purpose.

  17. It was already reported weeks ago child services visited him in Vermont and found no issues.

  18. Boomer mindset. They’re salty because they need you at the office so they can micromanage you and see what you’re doing.

  19. Which okay I get it, boomers are stupid but why wouldn't you want your work force remote? You can save so much more money and make so much more money... It just makes sense to have everybody work from home! You're not paying for an office, water, electricity, you don't have to worry about inclement weather, nothing stops your workforce. Put all of the requirements of that into your employees. They have to maintain a comfortable work environment and internet, you as the owner do not. It just increases profit, it's a win-win situation.

  20. Do you think there's a way to attach a gun to it? With its two wheels and gyroscopic stabilization, I bet it could handle the kickback!

  21. Ghosts of Tsushima was a really nice boost, and I enjoyed Deaths Stranding. Both were huge in regards of looks. And for what it's worth Cyberpunk 2077 was such a massive jump in quality. Finally No Man's Sky became basically a different game looks and play wise.

  22. As a T1 Diabetic I pay around $8k a year to stay alive and that’s with “good” insurance. It’s barbaric

  23. Some rodents got ours, pulled off the bags and chewed though some. Anyone got advice to help with that?

  24. So I'm on my 3rd run, style over substance now... And upgrade everything you love✌️

  25. If you choose well, $20 is like 5+ meals from taco bell in today's money. If this is 00s or earlier, it could have gone way further.

  26. You could eat like a king on the dollar menu from back then. They're even specials where you can get two tacos for a buck, hard shell only. And you get coupons on your receipt giving you free stuff all the time.

  27. This merger has screwed up so much for DC fans. I'm shocked at the absolute lack of forethought by anyone in WB/Discovery. Max isn't looking like a good investment anymore. Might just be a few months a year now like all the rest.

  28. I thought it had some of the best combat in a game

  29. Agreed, I played on PS5 and loved every second of it. Combat flow was some of the best I've experienced.

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