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  1. Franklin homie, and i live with my dried out washed up has been for an aunt.

  2. I mean, hes in the dviper server, with the actual dviper name and pfp, and from what I see in the server, there is no copy cats.

  3. i5-3210 could be the issue. Anything higher than 3300 would run the game on dx12.

  4. The poppy playtime ch2 and i have 4000 graphics card i know my graphics card sucks

  5. 4000 isn't too bad so that shouldn't be an issue. What about your cpu and gpu?

  6. So this I have covered before on a differnet thread.

  7. i have the latest version of Direct X, and in that redist folder i installed everything there, so it shouldnt be an issue.

  8. Vol 3. i liked the songs in .5 but i didnt like the style they chose, masks and costumes wise. the goat head live was sic though!

  9. No doubt. Coka-cola, sometimes war. Sums it up pretty nicely.

  10. My first encounter of Slipknot was a video of Sid limping on stage after breaking his heels, but then The Devil In I came into my recommendations. The rest is history.

  11. I think most people love mein land, apart from the small minority of people who get all annoyed about the political message.

  12. Uh yeah, considering I'm a fan of his and know him hes been very kind to me lol

  13. Go to newest first. When someone asks something, he makes a mean and smart remark. He called me a blindass for asking where can I purchase a mask.

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