1. So in the ideal GOP world, how many times do you re do elections until you get the desired outcome?

  2. Jesus, at this point was there anyone in a position of power who WASNT a friend of Epsteins?

  3. When the Soviets grudgingly gave Archangelsk back to the Brits in 1948, her main turrets were frozen on the centerline. They apparently had never been rotated in Soviet service. The ship went straight to the breakers - not that the British would've had any use for her by then anyway.

  4. Man if the Royal Sovereign and Milwaukee could talk after they were returned they could probably tell a hell of a story

  5. Nothing to translate here, just the rantings of someone who is screaming out for mental health support

  6. Laughs in arsonist and witherer while playing Agincourt

  7. Wait until you get your hands on Tiger '59; the 59 stands for 59 times more powerful than Tiger

  8. Yeah no, I’ve seen enough videos on it to know it’s not worth a damn

  9. I know that feeling well. I’ve killed more subs while sailing the Duke of York than I have any other ship in my port

  10. He went off that deep end when he claimed slavery was a choice

  11. When most people think of “Kaiser” they will most likely immediately think of the German Emperors

  12. (Insert sarcasm here) well obviously he’s a Christian because he screams about how the evil satanic cabal of child molesters will take over the world and implement forced transgenderism on all people while stripping every man of their masculinity and guns

  13. I’ve got over 2k kills with the martini Henry and I don’t plan on stopping using it any time soon

  14. ”What I remember about the Rise of McArthur was how quiet it was….”

  15. Since the Tromp just got released i wanted to share this photo of her. Full credit here

  16. Thats because Yagoda was being told to execute fellow party members, maybe even personal friends, on trumped up charges he knew were false.

  17. Reactionary and fascist ideals are temporary, the NKVD Revolution is eternal

  18. After the first weeks she just becomes available for coal. Really no reason to blow out on tokens/doubloons for early access.

  19. Accept you can bet some poor idiots out there are going to blow $150+ on it

  20. If that’s what the deck looks like imagine what their lungs look like

  21. Trump could tweet about the size, shape and colour of his most recent bowel movement and people would interpret it to mean he’s talking in some secret code about how he’s going to win the 2042 general election

  22. The Agincourt. Picked her up not long after I got seriously into world of warships. Nothing triggers waves of emotion in me when I burn people down with mg wall of secondary guns

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