1. What the actual fuck is going on in this painting

  2. He was never on a redemption arc, he was on a rebranding arc.

  3. In my opinion, he became absolutely irredeemable and hopeless after selling out Supersonic

  4. I believe Sam's Story takes place after the main story of Exodus and establishes the good ending thereof as canon.

  5. Could I pull the projectiles,dump the powder,drill a small hole to make it boxer primed and push out the primer?

  6. What is this, the only casing you will ever have? Ever.

  7. No way this is real but I could still believe that it is

  8. That one looks like a virgin Romanian trunnion with Hungarian barrel components. We used what we had on hand, it varies from rifle to rifle on anything that's not a clone gun.

  9. Whats that screwed on bit over the stock in the first picture?

  10. It kinda looks like something to keep the underfolder in place for the store. I could be (and probably am) wrong though.

  11. Yo I'm on my lunch break at Hobby Lobby rn (I'm an employee) we def don't stock rifle camo.

  12. Huh I did not know of that one either. I'm not a lever gun guy Forgotten Weapons has a video on the Beretta 57 tho if you're curious

  13. Seen it already, my job has no real responsibilities for 12 hours a day, so I have literally watched every forgotten weapons video at least once, most I've seen twice.

  14. I got you and nice getting paid for watching forgotten weapons

  15. Wasn't there a pattern where they went to a tangent sight in the 20s or 30s?

  16. Yeah I'd say the cops are. I remember a few years ago. Probably 4-5, News 12 ran some story about some guy that had an "Arsenal" (i think that was the term). He had a Remington 700 with like 2000 rounds. And maybe another rifle or two. Hell when I was a fifth grade in Wading River elementary school I was brought into the principals office for reading the NRA published magazines cuz someone was scared and crying.

  17. Lol I certainly didn't at the time. But makes me grin thinking about it

  18. Looks really good. Honestly pretty impressive.

  19. Funny how when he uses the PEZ dispenser, he isn't reloading on empty.

  20. Revolutionaries from the Second Front operating in the Sierra de Escambray Mountains had great difficulties in procuring weapons, with most of them being scavenged from the Cuban Army after battles. Weapons shipments from outside of Cuba often went to Fidel Castro’s 26th of July Movement, which were a separate group at the time, operating elsewhere.

  21. That looks like a luger snail drum mag not a star pistol mag

  22. Yeah the brown one is for sure NOT a K98k. You can tell right off the bat from the finger grooves on the stock.

  23. For 35 grand I can literally buy my dream Yugo collection and not have my GF rip me for it.

  24. You should see how much some of the Krebs or rifle dynamics custom aks go for on gunbroker.

  25. You should see how much some of the Krebs or rifle dynamics custom aks go for on gunbroker.

  26. Basically there’s an angry Soviet man in there and every time you run the snap cap through it he shaves bits off. Mine does the same

  27. Yes. He does this because the snap caps are a construct of capitalism, and will continue to damage them until you support the peoples industry and manufacturing by using communist made snap caps. Which are probably just empty cases.

  28. Whats that in the top left corner that looks like an mp5 receiver on an AR lower?

  29. Why? So you can really get dicked down by them at level 2?

  30. Could we suppress it while using simunitions

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