1. Sneezing zombie enters the chat, and no removal for her good luck.

  2. No, you are even worse, even the devil gets frightened when he see you

  3. As I said, I am fairly new to this game. Could you please elaborate on what this means?

  4. I like the concept of the card very interesting, although I don't know if this is op or not. You can ramp with wall knight so you can get it theoretically on turn 4-3. You have to ask yourself are there better 5 cost cards that you'll rather play then this. Either way it's a nice card.

  5. Teacher & papparazzi, space ninja & laser base, barrel of deadbeards & barrel of barrels, soulpatch & forcefield, deadbeard barrel & sharktronic, gondola & dance floor and so much more

  6. The card would be better if it was sneaky or beastly so there could be a brain freeze deck that uses swabbie and goat for a one cost 3/3. that would be a cool deck.

  7. Yeah I kinda noticed that but it call blazing treats bc of starch lord + 3 nut combo. +4 attack like blazing bark and +1 health like sugary treat

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