1. i have had constant PAC/PVC for the past few months, then i had a wild Afib RVR the other day and ended up in the ER, it lasted 18 hours. Now im having PAC/PVC again. Its really scary.

  2. if its legal where you a live, cannabis could be the answer. Its legal in my state and public consumption is also legal. Its sad that its so demonized still in must of the world. But Canada and many parts of the US have since moved on and let people be adults. I too had to quit drinking and caffeine. I quit smoking years ago. Some people have said that cannabis can trigger AFIB. It has not for me.

  3. I have always handled it at home. Mine last 1-1.5 days on average. Sometimes jumping on my exercise bike helps me zap back into sinus rhythm. But I don’t always have the energy for this or feel like it. I get them quite often now so there’s no way I’d want to go to the urgent care or ER all those times. I also pop a metoprolol, drink some magnesium, and properly hydrate. I sometimes take an O2 and BP reading.

  4. I have RVR and my heart rate always goes up near 300 bpm. I call the ambulance immediately as my symptoms are unbearable. The EP in the hospital I went to told me to always call the ambulance right away as it's no good to be with a high heart rate and that it can enlarge the heart. I had already had a mildly enlarged left atrium.

  5. Why did they not shock any of you?? Is what I'm wondering. I was in afib rvr 3 months ago for a few hours and they gave me a choice and I chose to get shocked for the first time. Easy peasy in and out of the hospital.

  6. Did you go home after it went back into sinus rhythm?

  7. They have me trapped here still. They also gave me 200mg of amiodarone that I'm furious about.

  8. Grand central doesn’t really have vending machines. They’re mostly served by small restaurants and pop up carts.

  9. there is a soda machine and i can confirm it was not working the other night, the machine is close to the tracks

  10. The white dude looks like he could have ended this lame ass dudes in a way they might not have expected. He was absolutely not scared of these goofs at all and showed real strength and restraint, he is also clearly strapped.

  11. Don't know why people have to knock pickups for being "unreasonably large". Granted he has the shorter bed and likely doesn't use it much for pickup truck purposes. I, on the other hand, have an even longer pickup that I make good use of on a frequent basis because my work requires such. Parking sucks, the blind spots suck, they're difficult to navigate tight parking lots. But owning a second daily driver isn't a reality for most of us.

  12. A work truck is one thing, that truck in the picture screams "micropenis"

  13. Dude was hurt his friend was not feeling his "vibe" and was more interested in pussy

  14. long island is about 20 miles wide and 120 miles long, if you include Queens County, Kings County and Nassau and Suffolk counties all of which are part of Long Island the population of just Long Island is near 8 million. For context the entire population of Ohio is 12 million. So you got a lot to think about, as "Jones Beach" in a tiny part of a massive place with lots of people. You will NOT thrive without a car here.

  15. Once Pat Vecchio bit the dust Smithtown has become Trump Q to the extreme

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