1. I'm happily married, and I still love Piofiore. My husband calls the LIs my anime husbands. 😆

  2. I don't know if going no contact is going to do anything for you. Besides they were shitty parents probably because they had shitty parents and childhood. Simply they didn't know any better. ( Just guessing)

  3. I don't care. Being abused doesn't justify your abuse. I've talked to them about changes, and they declined to make them. I'm not obligated to put up with abuse as an adult. My child will not be abused by them.

  4. I had a similar upbringing with my father to OP’s. My two cents here, the fact that you’re cognizant of this means you’ll be a great partner. I think the best “revenge” on parents like this is to live a life they could only dream of having

  5. This is so true. I remember my mom moaning about my dad not helping clean up after their dog. I blankly said, "my husband helps. He's the one who wipes his paws every time it's raining outside, and if he ever has an accident in the house at night, he cleans it up if he discovers it. He's never once told me about it and expected me to clean it up."

  6. Himuka sort of opened the flood gate for me - he was so pretty and feminine but was very different from the assumptions I made about him in my head, I LOVED him!

  7. Meanwhile, I sort of skipped over Himuka's because I can't seem to care if I'm not attracted to an LI at all.

  8. I, as a woman, also speak differently depending on my mood. When I'm happy, my voice is quite a bit higher than when I'm calmer. My husband tells me my voice is much higher on the phone. I didn't even realize it.

  9. This is what I'm wondering. Who this crap therapist is in all of this. Did the wife stop going to therapy thinking she could work things out on her own without help? Where were the mediation sessions between the wife and mom? Or the couples therapy sessions?

  10. There are lots of bad therapists out there. My first therapist said I should look at all the beatings and abuse I got as a child as a good thing because they helped push me toward greatness or something. It was very sick.

  11. I'm honestly just shocked your parents really went with "engineering? Fuck that"

  12. I was exclusively to be a nurse. I was not smart enough to be a doctor, I was told. So nursing it is.

  13. For the record, I don't think it means much either. I was just desperate for some concrete way to show them I was worthwhile, since nothing else seemed to do it.

  14. My first thought too. If I matched my foundation to my face it'd be a completely different shade to my neck

  15. Same. My face is much paler than my neck because... You know, spf.

  16. I live in Texas. Mine die every freeze. I cut them back, and they come back within a couple months. They're already coming back this time around. If the root system is good, they will come back.

  17. Is CS computer science? Because my husband earns well, but I outearn him like threefold as a lawyer, and UT has a law school, too lol

  18. Why? Because I pointed out that computer science isn't even close to the best place to gold dig from if that was OP's intention?

  19. He does not trust you. Not only does he not trust you, but he no longer trusts Fox News because even they are now part of the liberal agenda.

  20. He's in line to become the next leader, you know? He saved someone from a carriage, and all the girls love him. He's also besties with someone also very reputable who never ever lies about anything.

  21. Oh that's why he's my true ending. He is honestly the best and hottest, and he's the perfect LI.

  22. You are the OP. Why do you keep talking about yourself in the third person? Or do you think we don't look at user names?

  23. I'll just bully him into loving me 😏

  24. Saaaaame. That's how I ended up with my husband of the yellow irl. Saw that blond hair and wanted to see if I could pass it onto my kids hehehehehe

  25. Sooooomeone wishes they were born with strong blue characteristics to pass onto a blue heir 👶

  26. First suit: J. Crew for something 100% wool and durable. Now: Ann Taylor because they’re machine washable. (I’m a woman.)

  27. Themselves. You all know you're a bunch of cocky bastards (even if you'll all have imposter syndrome the second you actually start practicing).

  28. Daifuku was great, but if it were put to an otome pet vote, I’m going to have to go with Chii. For the shoulder massage.

  29. In dnd, my old character had a mouse and I named her Juliet lol after Juliet in OS and she looked like her too.

  30. I was the only person in one of my classes who laughed at a professor's jokes. They were dad jokes and puns, and I frankly love to laugh and think most dumb jokes are hilarious.

  31. I went to CCN, and I don't think I had a single classmate who didn't have a job by like April. Just chill. Judicial internships are especially easy to get from CCN.

  32. I came down for this interview but I really gotta get back to my family in the Fingerlakes...

  33. I clicked into this picture knowing this would be here, and reddit did not disappoint.

  34. Threw that dignity out the window when I first played Yangs route in Piofiore.

  35. perfect >:) good to hear that i have something to look forward to once i start piofiore

  36. I'm in this picture and in this comment, and I don't like it.

  37. Electrical engineer here, yeah. Basically the sharp points create a higher density electric field, which causes the air to breakdown and turn into a plasma, with a bunch more free electrons, and so on and so forth.

  38. So if I get a takeout tray that has a thin layer of foil in it that's flat... Is that a yes or no?

  39. I work with a majority of first gen college students. Their parents work at grocery stores, factories, and on farms. Damn straight they aware there to earn money and escape the edge of (or depths of) poverty. My job is to help them get there.

  40. Yep, first gen immigrant who grew up in poverty. My goal was to make money. So I became a lawyer warning 215k right out the gate. I probably spent the first three years of my career buying all the literal toys and things I didn't have as a kid-video games, stuffed animals, figurines, cute pens and stickers and clothes, etc. If I wanted it, I bought it. The biggest thing was going out to eat and not having to pick the cheapest thing.

  41. Dude, I bought a drum set and a pickup truck. I am just NOW comfortable with buying delivery food. Chinese food...brought to me...and I can have an appetizer?!?!? I am SHOVELING money into an IRA dreaming of traveling until I'm worm food.

  42. Oh I also bought a trombone and a euphonium because I had to use school ones in high school since I couldn't afford them!

  43. A managing associate sounds like someone who just staffs matters or something? Like it doesn’t sound like a good thing to me? Why not just use counsel

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