1. And it was literally in shadow set for last few months

  2. I didn’t have strong enough pokemons on this account to beat Giovanni. Literally just never got around to it. 🥲🥲 but thankfully have 5 shadow mewtwo on my other acct

  3. I have misunderstood mischief and I think I can get a super rocket radar from in but idk, I still got the new tasks tho

  4. 1 bug raid attacker but theres better types, just save as a trophy

  5. not yet!! I might one day but for now I’m just enjoying looking at the cutie

  6. Lots of work getting local friends, getting them to best. Now I just make sure I keep them loaded up with gifts for lucky friends. Scheduling meet ups with people is the hardest part. 90 of the days this year we had the season with 2 specials, so some days I was able to get two people to meet me at the same time.

  7. Are you possibly in South Korea or Taiwan. I’m on the hunt for shinies 24/7

  8. Wait a bit cos it's suspected larvitar might get a community day classic in January. So save it for the legacy move smack down and evolve it then.

  9. So jealous.. looked through Atleast a thousand this week. Congrats tho!!

  10. I just found that 'win five raids' pokestop research so I hope you manage to find it too!

  11. I’ve been searching for that one but no luck :( also still haven’t done the two previous tasks lol

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