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  1. Tbh I just thought he was spilling some word salad for a bit until he actually brought up the whole pressure to be someone you're not and feeling like you lost yourself thing but that was also some word salad. With a sprinkle of being slightly more coherent.

  2. Lol. I do like the term word salad. I feel like usually what I see is more a word vomit than word salad.

  3. Nick would probably say word salad. It also just sounds better anyway. And I guess you could classify his ramble to Imogen a word salad.

  4. Of course! I get that. And I felt the same way. I actually initially came out as bisexual. And I identified with that for a year or two, because I knew I had had at least 1 crush on a girl. And honestly, I still might be biromantic a little bit. But as far as feelings of physical attraction that's just guys. And then on top of that, I've had some crushes that are entirely romantic, not sexual/physical at all.

  5. Nah, I wouldn't say it's ridiculous. It's always good to try and understand yourself 😊

  6. My sister loved it, and we're watching it with my cousin as well. Sis is 100% an ally. Cousin is probably as well, although I've never really picked her brain about it and I myself am not out to the family so how she is with me is no indication.

  7. He thinks this isn't good!?!? Ok, I may have to fight him for his own self esteem XD

  8. He just doesn't see what we see. He is the same with his looks and all his art. Hence why he's my Charlie 😭 I tell him every day and night how good it is and will until he believes me 🍂❤️

  9. Have someone give you a prompt and write a short story no longer than 2,000 words. It’s basically a scene this way but it’s a great exercise to get your brain cranking—even if the prompt is ridiculous.

  10. That's why you are struggling. And you are missing all the fun while you don't write.

  11. I think its perfectly fine to get this! It's a beautiful story, regardless of your own orientation and identity. If you enjoy the story, feel like it resonates with you, then by all means, go for it!

  12. More like I had an idea for the world and the people. But I didn't know them. So book one I let the methaphorical pen flow on its own, discovering what and who these people in my story are. Some of it surprised me too.

  13. Nice! I think that's how at least 1 story idea I have is a little bit. Although even that one came from a single central theme.

  14. Depending on your age, and the legal drinking age of your country, if you are legally aloowed, I recomend doing the drafts while in the company of a good friend of mine, Captain Morgan. He is an excellent writing companion.

  15. Haha, I am above 21 and in the us. So absolutely an option sometime. I've considered maybe taking an edible amd trying that as well sometime. Just using them to let my brain wander more than it already does with ADHD XD

  16. So I actually prefer the show. Now, it was the one I consumed first. But my reason is for the story.

  17. 25, same feel here. I've kindof tried to channel my energy into activities. In my case, getting into writing exercises and drawing. Its a good outlet, emotionally.

  18. Oooh, I love this so much! Did you do this with an image reference out of curiosity?

  19. Me too. I am re-learning past 4 years. Stop struggling, don't think you are, let that pass you. I've got a good Book, Where do you get Ideas by Fred White, its good. ex. An idea can come from an object or a place. Go to a place, airport hospital and see some people like having fun being there and write why its fun for him and then something happens. Then figure ways for him to solve or fix problem and go about his business.

  20. Oooh, I'll have to check that book out! And now that I think about it, i haven't really tried going out and doing something. Maybe I should just go visit the library, sit in a park, visit the mall. Might help. Thank you!

  21. What you're describing is an issue that writers of all levels of experience experience. I'm going to share what I do, though I know some people find this kind of thing silly or embarrassing and won't try it. All I can say is that starting my writing sessions with these two things helped me break out of a very long slump of creative anxiety.

  22. Mmk, i'll definitely have to try this. Thank you so much for the advice

  23. Tying instinctively a new character to a character arc is an advanced writer instinct from what I can tell. It means you're starting to see each narrative element as a part of a greater whole.

  24. Ok. So you're suggesting to give options in my notes for the character, not just make that arc the one. That would also help me from getting stuck on that, to try and explore other methods of growth besides the obvious for the character

  25. This is just my opinion, but I think character flaws don't necessarily need to be solved. I would look at the external plot and the characters goals to see whether the flaw you gave them is holding them back or not. For example, an antisocial loner will definitely have a problem in a story about gaining power through diplomacy and intrigue. Similarly, if the character wants more friends, they will also have a problem. On the other hand, the same character won't necessarily be held back if the story is about achieving freedom and glory as a gladiator.

  26. That's an interesting perspective, and makes sense to me. Because another reason I'm conflicted on this, I realized is that it sets up some of the character flaws as inherently 'bad'. Like it must be changed or the character is irredeemable, and I just don't think that's necessarily true.

  27. When I find I'm self-identifying with a character, I give them at least one trait that's completely antithetical to my own worldview, behavior, opinion of myself... (Less like "Oh they murder people? I would never!" and more like "They think human life is less valuable than money? Fuck that!")

  28. That's a good point. None of the characters are set in stone. I suppose I do need to see them more as literary devices that living breathing people. Because seeing them like that leaves me rather reluctant to change anything about them.

  29. You can take free personality tests online and try to answer like your character. See what it gets you.

  30. Oooh, that is an interesting one. I'll have to try it on e the characters feel a bit more fleshed out!

  31. Say more with his expressions if you can. Describing his facial expressions and what they're conveying may help?

  32. Maybe try and put that energy somewhere in your free time. I've been attempting to draw fanart. I'm not good, and I haven't sketched with any seriousness since middle school. But it helps me just put my excitement from the show and books into something, y'know?

  33. I get what you mean. I was kindof a wreck after watching it. Bc im 24 now, out to my friends but not my family yet. And I kept thinking about how much I wanted my own Nick Nelson (or Charlie, but im definitely more of a charlie XD). But done with college. And for now, school in general. It's a pandemic out there, and I'm an introvert. Just meeting someone like that feels like such a massive shot in the dark, amd it makes me sad. Bc I want someone who looks at me like that, cares about me like that, who will just make my life better, and I'll make his better.

  34. Thanks! I replied to most of the comments on there, and added a few small tweaks. Thank you so much for the feedback and the tips, I really appreciate it!

  35. What about it are you liking, exactly?

  36. Yeah, mechanically its everywhere. I really like the concept of have g sumonable armor that covers you and has some varying bonuses based on what you choose.

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