1. When you say wine blending, do you want a winery that will let you blend individual barrels and make your own wine?

  2. Yes that is exactly what I meant I’ve done this before at a winery in Temecula and wanted to see if there was a place in Paso Robles to do so

  3. I haven’t spoken with them yet I wanted to see what everyone else experience was before reaching out or gain some advice before talking tonthem

  4. Its going to be very dealer-specific. When you left the deposit, did they tell you it was refundable? Did you get anything in writing? How much of a deposit have you given? Did they provide you a VIN#?

  5. I did receive a Vin I was not told the deposit was refundable and I haven’t been able to find it in my contract whether or not it’s refundable or not 😞

  6. I am slightly bigger than you and used to struggle with doing this pose or movement etc but I could that core work helped a lot with this transition try doing the movement of three legged dog to moving you leg in the middle a lot and doing it to where you are able to use your core work enough to put that leg in the middle or a lunge if that makes sense I feel like it will get better with time took me awhile to nail this movement down

  7. I recommended getting a certificate in the field you want to work in as a way to boost up your resume

  8. Hi I will be applying to the program as well and I have a low GPA do you mind sharing what your GPA was? Thank you

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