1. If anyone's interested, I found the application and admission numbers from last year for every teacher's college in Ontario (except OISE) and converted them into admission rates. This may give context on how things will end up this year.

  2. How would you find which technologies would pass? My diploma for example is in aviation flight technology. Flight school at a certified college.

  3. Contact OCT but your aviation flight technology diploma might allow you to bypass getting an undergraduate university degree altogether! But you will definitely have to get a BEd, and you will have to research if it's possible to do one online.

  4. chances into getting accepted to syde with an average expecting between 89 to 93% in gr 12, this average is affiliated with a special consideration too.

  5. If your special consideration is a difficult family circumstance or systemic barriers (e.g., anti-black or anti-Indigenous racism), then you have a greater chance than the general stats given by Professor Bishop's blog.

  6. If you want something very nice and walkable, you can sign a lease now (to move in September) at Rez-One. It's a 3-year lease but you can opt out every November for the next fall without penalty. It's pricey but each bedroom has an ensuite bathroom. The living and kitchen spaces are shared. It's around $1100 depending on how many suitemates you want (3 to 5). It is state of the art, and is right beside the UW engineering buildings. But don't choose Fergus House because there is a cockroach infestation. I would recommend Elora House, the newest building.

  7. Why students don’t want to go back? This’s interesting.

  8. At my elementary school, I get the sense that the online kids are home because it is easier for the parents to not have to take the kids to and from school...

  9. You are absolutely right but I don’t think you will change everyone’s perspective. Especially when someone is classifying universities other than top schools as “mediocre”. From what I hear from friends with overbearing parents, it’s the pressure of parents that often cause these mental health issues in school.

  10. I would not recommend UWaterloo for students with mental health challenges. There were three deaths by suicide from September to December 2022 alone.

  11. I want to challenge this a little bit. I don't know a lot about engineering so I'm curious... What is the benefit of attending one of these top five schools? Is it standard in the field to pursue graduate training in engineering? If so, a better strategy might actually be to attend a less challenging undergraduate program in order to achieve higher grades and be able to seek admission to a graduate program based on those.

  12. I can speak to Waterloo engineering. They have a very well established coop program that only their students can access (many top companies in North America list their jobs there). And every student has six tries to finally reach a wonderful job (six coop terms over five years). But it's very hard to score one of these plum jobs, as there are sooooooo many brilliant students at UW.

  13. Chance at queens, western, guelph, carleton CS with a 87-88 average?

  14. I'm currently applying to waterloo elec eng + cs, mac eng +cs, and queens eng. I have a decent average but flunked chem.

  15. With 92.5%, you have a very good chance for UW CE with your ECs., even with your chemistry mark. UW Engineering really looks at the holistic person (excellent ECs, a very well-written AIF--show that you've done your research on the program and what courses you're interested in, and a decent interview). Good luck!

  16. You will get into UW civil engineering for sure with a 90%, good ECs, a well written AIF, and a completed interview.

  17. It's very competitive and often not fair (they have so many applicants that once you hit 96%, they accept or reject you randomly no matter what EC's you have). The only way applicants can get in for sure is if they 90+ and can prove that they have suffered systemic barriers such as anti-black or anti-Indigenous racism. So to answer your question, yes, talk about what you've learned from your ECs and job. But apply to many CS schools just in case. Good luck.



  20. If you want to live at Rez-One, you can sign a lease now (and soon because there's not much availability left, especially if you want Elora House). Each bedroom has an ensuite bathroom; the shared spaces are the kitchen and living room. But they generally only have spaces for one or two people in a unit of three, four, or five bedrooms (leases are three years and people usually stay; that's why it's rare to have a completely vacant unit). Rez-One is inundated with leases right now for September. (Hundreds is what the rep told me.) I signed one in December for next September.

  21. You are sweet for thinking of your mom. I'm also a mom and I had a really really hard time when my "baby" moved away last September (lots of crying on my end for a long time) but I'm fine now. Of course I still miss him but he is thriving at school and I am so grateful and happy that he is living his best life. Your mom will miss you for sure, but she will get used to it. Ultimately she wants you to be happy.

  22. Yeaaaah I moved up to A4 right after graduation from my BEd by taking 2 ABQs. I graduated with JI, then took my primary ABQ and my senior ABQ at the same time so I would be certified in all 4 divisions (by far the quickest and cheapest way to move up to A4) . It took 6 weeks total and cost about $1300. Was at A4 in the blink of an eye

  23. Very smart. What school did you take your ABQs at? Was it online? And do you know if all schools allow ABQs to be taken concurrently? I am preplanning for my child, who would be doing I/S Math and Physics as basic qualifications.

  24. The Grade 9 math EQAO is interesting this year. All the students write it (online) on day one. Then on day two, the material given is dependent on how the student did on day one. For example, if a student does very well on day one, the material on day two will be just as difficult or harder. Conversely, if a student does not do well on day one, the material on day two is "dumbed down" (my words; not the admin's) accordingly so that "every student will succeed". Then only if the EQAO score helps the grade 9 math student (in YRDSB at least), it will count towards 5% of the final mark. Then the government can said, "Look! The grade 9s are doing so much better this year than in the past! Destreaming works! Online learning works!"

  25. The test has session A and session B, the first stage of each day are medium difficulty for all students and then in the second stage is where the difficulty changes. It is on the EQAO website in a document called Framework. I showed it to my students because they were wondering the breakdown of the test and that file says how many Qs of each unit and it tells them about the fact that you get different questions in the second stage each day based on how you did.

  26. Thank you for the clarification. The new format makes it much easier for all students to score well even though they are at very different levels.

  27. The first three schools you mentioned don't give 101 engineering offers until March at the earliest.

  28. The teachers I knew were encouraging Teacher's college, citing math and science would help a lot.

  29. Despite the report, you still have a huge advantage teaching math and physics. It may not be permanent right away, but you will always be in an LTO until you're hired with a contract. At the last parent council meeting at my child's YRDSB high school (November 2022), the principal literally said to us parents, "We are looking to fill 8 LTO's (including math). Please let me know if you know someone." It wasn't that everyone quit; many more students moved into the area than projected so they were short staffed.

  30. Yes. Ireland is an option though if OP were interested and knows for sure they want to become an M.D. I know an 18-year-old student (Ontarian) currently studying there. After six years, he will earn his M.D. and can return to Ontario to practise.

  31. He'll have to get a residency position here first, and that's a huge hurdle because almost all are allocated to domestic med school grads.

  32. I am sure that's true. As a parent, I feel awful for students with fantastic marks and extracurriculars/interviews, but are unable to get into sought-after programs in Ontario due to the ridiculous competition. Back in my day, it was so much easier. I have many practising MD friends in the GTA who went to med school in either Ontario or abroad.

  33. Adding to all the other comments, you will also move up a level on QECO if you have an ARCT diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music.

  34. It doesn't matter what program you're in if you're at an Ontario high school. See the September 22 comment.

  35. For Canadian universities, they do not care about whether or not you take an AP course. The AP advantage is that you can get credits for your first year classes if you pass the AP exam.

  36. Note that you will NOT get transfer credits for your AP/IB Higher Level courses if you go into engineering at Waterloo or U of T.

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