1. If I could could buy my gas wholesale (at current prices, £150 TW/h), what I've used in January would cost me literally 0.045p.

  2. Lord Baker’s phone going off in the middle of Victoria Derbyshire asking him questions is brilliant. He doesn’t know how to decline it and she’s had to confiscate it. He keeps telling her to be quiet and listen as well.

  3. Stewart Pearson desperately calling, telling him to shut up about Zahawi.

  4. being members of the eu was a fait accompli until it wasn’t. the labour party are offering nothing

  5. The matter of the fact is that we're not now.

  6. Can't think of many things I'd find funnier during the next election then Johnson fleeing to Henly and losing there anyway.

  7. I feel its harsh on Paul Nuttal to compare mere mortals to his achievements.

  8. Indeed, mere mortals can only aspire to so many levels of wrong...

  9. If losing the next GE is a foregone conclusion, why not just call a GE now? They'll be back in power sooner than if they wait until 2024 to call one and have the added benefit of letting Labour clear up their current mess, after which they can trot out the "last Labour government" line again.

  10. I propose that all 4 nations have an equivalent of Burns Night to celebrate their poets.

  11. England probably would have Keats, Byron, Blake, ...

  12. But didn't you know foxes threaten chickens? Therefore they should be hunted by a pack of 50 dogs and brutally murdered while I watch from horseback with my buddies PIP PIP

  13. And bins. Any animal that messes with my bins, I immediately jump onto a horse + 50 dogs and rip it to shreds, as one does. The neighbours don't like the 3am bugle, but that's life. /s

  14. A bit of a tangent, but I've noticed these trends on the media where you go from (say) "No Zahawi news" to "New daily Zahawi scandals". The two possibilities are:

  15. How capable are 68 year old going to be in the workforce?

  16. For some jobs it is fine (eg academic professors should retire at 68, but can keep working beyond that. That creates other types of problems for younger academics, but that's not the discussion).

  17. Isn’t France rioting over it being increased to 64? And we’re here entertaining raising it to 68?

  18. This sounds like something out of a mafia movie.

  19. Did the Tories win the elections too, in this parallel universe?

  20. Is there a simple, straightforward answer to the question “why is the population of the UK so pathetically docile?”

  21. Come on team brexiteer, show us all how this proves Brexit was a great idea.

  22. Our home insurance is getting hiked by almost 40% (got some frantic searching to do this w/end). When we remortgage this year repayments will probably go up by at least 25%. Utilities have basically doubled, £400 last month. Pension fund is a complete shitshow, and at my age that is a serious concern. Etc etc etc.

  23. 2 year fixed-rate energy contract (the good times) ends soon. New contract is eye-watering.

  24. I’m watching with morbid fascination as parts of the right-wing media are attempting to reframe the nurses strike as to whether a nurse can afford to feed themselves or not. Apparently that is the basic indicator of whether you are paid enough. If you don’t have to use food banks your wages are sufficient.

  25. NARRATOR: Katy spent time travelling and in the office to keep warm. But now, the exclusively-baked beans diet meant she was too weak to go to work. Later in life Katy regretted waiting for "financial security" to have kids. Katy still votes Tory, but still proudly claims "never been to a food bank".

  26. "Can I have money to eat, have a roof or commute to work?"

  27. Higher UK energy bills here to stay, warns oil company boss

  28. You do realise it's the ceo of the Norwegian state owned oil company right?

  29. Keep thinking when people use the initials LK they are talking about Lorraine Kelly and not Kuenssberg

  30. Let's face it, given say, £5 million, how many people would stick around in the UK full time?

  31. I would for sure. The UK is a great place to live to if don't have to count the pennies.

  32. It's interesting to see how rapidly the media landscape re: Brexit has shifted, with even the Telegraph admitting serious problems with it.

  33. Tory media 10 years ago: "All of our problems are because we are in the EU"

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