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  1. Favorite Season. The season of Philbert.

  2. Tip of the Tongue - The Donnis Trio

  3. waiting for royal delivery to drop.

  4. World's capsule, reward from watching the games live

  5. still going on?? can I buy it?

  6. commenting so it’s at 100 comments, fuck u

  7. Another one of him with Mr. Peanutbutter

  8. Back in the 90’s I was in an unsuccessful TV show…..

  9. Moderately related but when I learned that Todd wasn’t actually Hispanic (his stepdad just gave him his last name) I was mildly disappointed. I’m a whitewashed, racially ambiguous Mexican person and I thought I had finally found representation in media hahaha

  10. what so every party with hispanic girls is a quince? literal quinceńera going on in the background

  11. Never realized how many people turned on Diane later

  12. when she’s crashing at Bojacks house is in my top 5 for Diane’s. Idk why but it seems kinda awesome

  13. I think she loves Mr. Peepernumber

  14. I like this but as a zyra mid main Ima say Cheap Shot isn’t as good as Taste of Blood- the sustain you get from it is needed if their jungler decides to stalk ur lane

  15. 20 years??? Are you being serious right now?!

  16. Gale says 99.6%, When he was working for Todd he wasn’t trying to impress.

  17. Or Rell: The Iron Maidan champ theme

  18. He says it literally at the end of every single episode like Ricky Ricardo, he says, "JESSEEEEEEE! WE NEED TO COOK!" And steam comes out of his ears, and Jesse looks directly into the camera and shrugs really big and says, "Oh man, here we go again!" And then credits roll like dang have you even watched the show???

  19. Aaron Paul sounds more like Todd here

  20. Mage support players are just people who are too scared to go midlane

  21. Me, a dark harvest Zyra Mid player: chad pics

  22. Bold of you to assume they ever fought crime to begin with.

  23. expect lpl teams who love the champ and prio him

  24. People act like Banshees veil doesn’t feel better. Idk, I’m more of a Zyra Mid duelist who solos warwicks

  25. The energy in this comment is unrivaled

  26. Dark Harvest Dark Seal baby

  27. it’s definitely a house. one of the more houses I’ve seen but definitely less base than others. Regardless, it is 100% a build. 🫡

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