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  1. Tf they screaming at and what language

  2. Papaya, banana, mango, cantaloupe, watermelon and some steaks

  3. Hopelessly devoted to you in Grease

  4. How I’m getting $12.40 an hour as a FedEx ground package handler

  5. Dude subpens SUUCCKKSS i I too wish to get more Dome. That map is fantastic. Tuscany also sucks as a map seems like just a bunch of dumb clutter with lanes

  6. It doesn’t last forever, though some scars may remain. In a couple months or even years it really won’t even matter:,)

  7. You. Specifically on this very day. HAPPY CAKE DAY!;)

  8. But someone In a Triangle Choke and while they’re unconscious take their Gi off and make it your own so you don’t ruin yours;)

  9. Damn, the concussion from the bullet to the head gave that one poor bastard black eyes and knocked some teeth out.

  10. Looks like it came out of his ear too

  11. Rob a fuckton of banks and kill child predators all day

  12. Hey bud can I borrow 2 billion? And he’d end up doing his villain laugh and we end up kissing and I fuck him in the ass therefore giving me his entire networth

  13. Dude I get comments from russian named accounts and they comment or ong either or and I hate it

  14. Just trying to do a Ric Flair promo from the 80’s

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