1. Those would be the ways, but I don't think Niantic want it fixed. It worked exactly as intended; people got fewer shinies, which is what Niantic want (they've said outright that they don't want people getting "too many" shinies), but it happened without a nerf to the actual shiny rate (which would have caused massive backlash). This "bonus" is a nerf in disguise, and it had the intended effect.

  2. Well, this worked. I did not see even one Shiny during 3 hours of play.. Got a normal Hundo though…

  3. Do I need to record the game to have proof for support?

  4. What Castform team did you run? I got lucky with a Rank 1 normal Castform and was thinking about using it

  5. The win becomes a loss bug unfortunately is quite common recently

  6. Do we know if only wins count for this research? I am quite sure that my opponents finished the match but seem to have only 3 matches played. Incidentally, I played 5 matches with 3 wins and one loss came because of the black screen of death…

  7. I battled 5 matches and won 3 out of them and the progress was at 3 battles played… Incidentally, I also had one loss just because of the dark screen bug..

  8. Do we know if the other side gets a win this case?

  9. Go Battle Day will be a lot of fun….

  10. Niantic needs to start doing better at communicating with players. When they tell us that there is an increased chance of finding shiny Pokémon, some people will assume that they are going to be as common as they are on Community Day...which is obviously not what Niantic meant, based on how day one went.

  11. This!!! Walk the Talk or Talk the Walk…

  12. Is it possible that those are the ones you already caught? Quick catching sometimes leaves the spawn on the map and only despawn when you click again

  13. Nah it's the incense bug, had multiple axews disappear before I could click on them.

  14. Not sure if these were mainly incense types but there were surely a lot of Tropius, Wee… and Tork…. Mime was mainly ok

  15. No, surely not. Today was just crazy


  17. Hi this is a great resource! If I read this correctly my Snorlax (15/15/14) would be a functional Hundo at level 50 but not at level 40/51?

  18. Including Burmy and Tropius,etc

  19. I caught a shiny Kyogre during the event. So, do not worry


  21. Thank you. I was also considering this (even though I have a huge number of Charge TM sitting around in my inventory...)

  22. For anyone who doesn't know how (I see OP did it properly), you can always check out the difference using the following method, which will help you to determine on your own which to choose:

  23. It's an official Pogo email that I received this afternoon. "Your Guide to Pokémon GO Fest 2022" from nianticlabs

  24. Is this the one where they mentioned “Kygore” (!) to be in raids….?

  25. I assume that this is a purified one? If not, I would not spend the stardust/candies unless you are really a big fan

  26. Had that happen to me too a few days ago. Restarting my app stopped it.

  27. A lot of people will tell you ‘ IVs do not matter until they do matter…’.

  28. How does this Cubone to Marowak evolution work?I do not seem to have this option as of now

  29. I thought that this was a bug…. But makes sense

  30. Sapporo in August makes sense. The rest of Japan would probably not be feasible

  31. The Japan Go Fest usually (always?) coincides with the traditional obon holidays that first week on August. The past events in Yokohama & Yokosuka (south of Tokyo) were definitely on the hot/humid side. Sapporo should be better in that regard...

  32. I am living myself in Tokyo area and at this time of the year Sapporo is definitely the better location…

  33. My guess would be Pachirisu and Tropius for PVP (at least for specific formats)

  34. Sapporo in Summer might be ok. Later the year, Corona hotspot

  35. I really wish they had more GO Battle Days... the first was too early for low CP Libre, and the next is too far away to wait without like you said -- literally stopping play.

  36. Finally a discussion for nothing as they decided to do this season differently from others… As a compensation I got a lot of Feebas as 3rd win reward during the battle day…

  37. I'm currently doing the Go Battle Day and will get the Libre in just a little bit from now.

  38. Good luck. Mine was 512 CP

  39. Have you played more than 3 hours during the event?

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