1. Well, you dont really need it to understand what happened to Kratos, but its good to know it, and interesting ofc, at least CoO, GoS is not that important imo. Though, you can just watch a YT video with the cutscenes,

  2. Why the hell does someone downvote me for making this post xD

  3. But it those gods are dead doesn't that mean the curse is ended?

  4. Well, it may be as you say since we can see at the end of God of War that

  5. (idk how to do the spoiler thing so don't read unless you've finished GoW4)

  6. Mhm yeah, you have a point on that, totally true.

  7. My guess is different that Baldur part would be wierd since Mimir said he's the only living person that knows the gigants ancient tounge the only other ones that could talk to Jormungandr would be giants

  8. I know, I didn't say that Baldr and Jormungandr had a nice conversation, I just say that Baldr could have tried to talk with Jorm, and after failing, he went to any other place, and then came back to try the hard way haha

  9. Yeah, I guess Ragnarok will be something really outside the box in terms of plot, who knows what they will do.

  10. Man I just want them to fill their current pantheons. Great Old Ones, Arthuric, Celtic, Voodoo,... give them 5+ gods and then go to other pantheons pls

  11. First, lets remember that the qualities and properties that gods have are given by us, so unless Santa Monica Studio makes a cannon line saying "Kratos, god of X", we cant really say anything as a fact.

  12. Player Damage: Damage you have dealt to enemy gods

  13. You were a fafnir, its fine. Supports are not supposed to do damage, though its cool if you do more

  14. Got enough troll fights don’t need to fight them too

  15. Lol no, troll fights are so cool because they are a challenge but its an easy one, you wont sweat with them so its fun, way better than #32523 generic draugr fight with a fucking revenant in the back

  16. Like dude, Im literally facing the item, pick it up instead of fucking dropping

  17. You have God of War for a lot more days lol

  18. defeat them by starting with the lowest level of Valkyries. at the same time try level up too.

  19. I dont know the level of any Valk, could you tell me?

  20. Lowest I would say the one by the fallen giant, the one in alfheim, and the one that is on the way up to the mountain.

  21. Must say, the only ones that I found actually hard were the one in Alfheim because I had to get used to dodge the VALHALLAAAA attack, and then Sigrun, the last one, the "queen" of Valks. That bitch has hard as fuck, it took me like 5 hours to take her down.

  22. Even the hel winds stuff and both elemental arrows?

  23. You can only reach lvl 10 in new game plus

  24. Mhmm.... and do you keep all the gear and runic attacks on ng+?

  25. gotcha this is exactly the breakdown i was looking for cuz i just got in the habit of spamming lightning and hardly ever using the light arrows because i didn’t see the actual advantage/disadvantage of it, thanks brother!

  26. Also, in the future you will find "trials" that will ask you to kill enemies that heal themselves absurdly quick, you will have to use light arrows to fill the stun bar, and instakill/execute them in order to get rid of them.

  27. What if oden wins and that’s how kratos and Atreus get to Egypt and other places

  28. Nah, Oden was killed by Kaido like 20 years ago, it wont happen.

  29. I basically ran to the shop spamming E and well, this happened haha

  30. Idk, whatever key you spam to speak and interact with people

  31. Principalmente he visto a nazis llevarla, así que me hace pensar que son nazis :|

  32. Im spanish and this are some awful points of Spain (that at least apply to Madrid):

  33. American Horror story. I was hoping for some good spooks. But, it severely disappointed. I think I got to season 3, but I have no intention of going forward. It was more smut than horror. Amd none of the characters were likable. After season 2, everything was pretty predictable.

  34. I literally loved, or at least liked, all the seasons of AHS except for the last one, the last one was awful and the second half made no sense.

  35. Same here man, I just found about his existence xD

  36. In my case, and in most cases I would say, usually a child (lets say 10 yo) would wake up at 8 AM because school starts at 9 AM (IIRC, Im 23 now), then will have a break/playtime/howeveryoucallit at 11 AM or so, where they will eat something like a sandwich, a bollicao, some biscuits... while playing. Then, at 2 PM they go back home and eat something more consistent (an actual plate of food with its dessert that, in my case, used to be fruit), and then at 5 PM or so you have the merienda, which for me used to be a bocadillo (sandwich like in Subway, not like Rodilla) or something sweet like the bollicao I mentioned earlier or anything that kids use to like. Then, dinner is at 9 PM or so, and once again, its an actual plate of food. In my case then I would have go to bed at 10 or 11 PM, but it changed a lot between children.

  37. And just to let it clear, I did never take a nap unless I was exausted for any abnormal reason, naps "siestas" was like for older people imo.

  38. Ao Kuang and The Morrigan are your best options. Janus could be used like that too but right now he is one of the worst gods in the game cause he doesnt have enough damage to do what he used to do before the buff to tankyness in 9.5.

  39. Meanwhile, I have been playing since S1 and still dont have any Ao Kuang skin other than Diamond xD

  40. The curses bloodline skin was just in the viewer store a couple weeks ago. I picked it up

  41. Well, I think viewer store must be different between players, because I have never had that Ao Skin in the viewer store, and I have played every week for the last few months haha

  42. Chicken wings are not that popular here in Spain, the best you can get in that way is KFC, tho a lot of "hood restaurants" have chicken wings too. You can find a lot of places for pizza, burgers, "bocatas" (sandwiches but like in subway, not like in rodilla),... but chicken wings not so much.

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