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  1. Lemme see if I can locate the link I found to some a few weeks ago….

  2. Besides mushy triggers, they are fine. Statistics would agree that the most sold brand in the world would also have the most returns.

  3. Glocks are reliable. I will admit that. But I have never met a truly happy Glock owner. You always hear about how they have to upgrade this or that on the pistol.

  4. You don't have to upgrade anything out of the box. They are reliable and functional as is. "Upgrades" are strictly user preference and many aftermarket "upgrades" detract from reliability. I can't tell you how many people I've seen having trigger issues with their fancy timney triggers "but the OEM trigger works fine so I'm not sure what the issue could be".

  5. So let me ask you this. Would you suggest a Glock for a first firearm? Considering what is out there in the same price range?

  6. I agree he is the bestest in the whole history of the world… Fûcking up everything he even touched, been involved with or even talked about…. Even climbing stairs.

  7. Someone doesn’t want to go hunting with there girl a second time.

  8. I have the Springfield M1A and would chose it over the FAL. I also shot a HK91 out 500 yards open sights and can regularly hit milk jugs opens sights with it. But overall the FAL would be 3rd in my list

  9. I could see subbing the FAL for the PTR-91, price wise it would make sense, and the aftermarket is a little better. The only downside I could see it the fact that brass would not be reloadable. I still would probably pick the FAL over the 91.

  10. I do reload my brass after shooting my HK91. But it does shorten the life of the brass. I get about 3 reloads per piece. I do have a HK MP5, the 9mm brass out of it is more cosmetic. I get 6-7 reloads out of it.

  11. I have hatched several chicks, and this looks like a vitamin deficiency. I have never had one come out of it. And the medicine cost more than the chick is worth. But on the other hand if it’s a pet it becomes your choice.

  12. Happy 3/08 day to all and to all a good night

  13. Black RTV silicon. You can get it at a parts store. It’s flexible and seals.

  14. Appears to be black powder. Does it have any markings on top of the barrel?

  15. They all don’t belong, because they don’t belong to me😂😂😂😂

  16. The one on the left looks like a pool cue tip

  17. It's not. The box is labeled felton bluestreak

  18. Can you post the pictures of the box and more information?

  19. Your GFI is seeing a load imbalance between the refrigerator and generator. (Are you familiar with sign wave) the motor inrush is causing this. It doesn’t take much for a millisecond to trip. YouTube how a GFI works. This is how the GFI protects a person from shock.

  20. Hopefully they was peeing on the fence when it happened.

  21. I wonder if it can be cleaned to show some of the original steel? Or would it just dissolve to nothing?

  22. Looks like a scene from the movie Total Recall

  23. I’d carry that before I’d carry a glock

  24. I have used easy off oven cleaner. It pulls out oil. But it also lightens stock marking.

  25. The gangster mentality is killing off a lot of people

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