1. Imo the notable ones are Dwarves sound Scottish, the harfoots sound irish, the humans are a mix of regional english accents.

  2. 451 should get everyone on full chem

  3. Thanks man, it does indeed. But Salah is further down in that structure. Might be i just replace him with a Kante

  4. Do you not have ingame tactics?

  5. Used all three a decent amount, personally prefer pele over salah, but would have neymar over both if it was just one.

  6. I tried loan Pele and he was insane. Neymar is getting plenty of good reviews but sadly he doesn't fit in my epl team

  7. Yeah pele is class, in game his attacking ai is just nuts + icon juice. Salah is good, but I prefer him outwide.

  8. More impressive that there are no dupes tbh

  9. You lose stats for anything less than 7 chem so he will perform a lot worse than he would

  10. As long as your starting 11 has 100 chem, a player can be on as low as 4 before it loses stats. (-1s and 2s on 3 chem)

  11. Still a very useable team tbf, only issue might be pace on cbs

  12. Reserves don't affect rating so put the higher rateds on the bench

  13. Rob holding might be an upgrade for central cb, but just a suggestion.

  14. Put on stay forwards and it will fix this

  15. Tell me then if you think you are better

  16. Best finish was 19-1, consistently 16+ wins all year. Don't really play champs now tho cuz no point. Not that champs finishes really matter tho.

  17. Yes. Keepers inside the box are very OP. They save everything for me & against me inside the box

  18. Give us the tutorial on how to score inside box cuz most of mine get saved or hit the post

  19. Timed finishing laddy, awkward at first but becomes muscle memory pretty quick

  20. Save tokens and get ben yedder, you will get millions of fodder packs over the next few days/weeks

  21. No guarantee there will be repeatable 85 x 10

  22. We got an Extension on mendy so I kinda feel like that hints towards it but not sure

  23. It used to be given straight away. But now you need to be level 5 (or level 10 either one) in the trader business before cripps will send you the correct letter. He’s definitely right when he says it’s the best business

  24. I'm only level 2 trader and have the option to start the moonshine business, pretty sure there is just a cutscene you have to trigger to get the option

  25. What should our expected response be to this?

  26. Is both at the same time an option?

  27. Show xg, coulda been shooting from anywhere

  28. Throttle control my friend, very useful

  29. Not sure how to fit Nkunku in, but wouldn't it just be better to swap mount with cole if you don't like cole cm?

  30. I am afraid Cole might be worse at RWB never tried him there, worth a shot I guess. Its August so I can just have a lil fun

  31. Ah didn't see the 5 back, was referring to the 41212 one

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