1. Apparently " The names were chosen based on the phonetic sound of the Cyrillic name for the aircraft, and were often a play on words or a reference to something related to the aircraft's characteristics or appearance."

  2. Russian oligarc close to Putin supported the war in ukraine while getting rich on public money

  3. He said that there will be fascism and military dictatorship in Russia if this continues, but like ?? There already is

  4. I can see 13 years old commenting "Russia W" or some shit

  5. as much as this is fucked up. it's also kinda funny. remember to cyberbully j.k rowling

  6. The system in Hungary mirrors Russia in a lot of ways, except that it is less violent. Anti-government medium? In Russia it gets banned, in Hungary it's bought out by a pro government oligarch. While opposition candidates aren't banned from running, the election is unfair because the government uses public money to fund propaganda(like it's insane how much there is during an election). But like in Russia, lots of wealth is in the hands of oligarchs instead of being reinvested in the country

  7. Why is it relevant that the horse was pictured with royality? Like that's not what the story is about

  8. várom a cikket hogy a gyurcsány melyik embere

  9. As a turkish person,What do you know of Sultan Mehmed?I am curious how well he known by people outside of Turkey.

  10. Well I'm Hungarian so we learned about him in context of ottoman expansion in the Balkans and attacks on the hungarian kingdom

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