1. He is and I like it that way.

  2. This is now unironically my headcanon

  3. This feels like one where they realise they can't best each other and form a friendly rivalry, teaming up to take on each other's nemeses.

  4. Was Eva a “character” in 3? Or was she boobz on a bike? Who is inexplicably Chinese in the last scene.

  5. Naja, man muss schon zugeben dass die restlichen 9/10 Sachen die als tödlich scharf verkauft werden und allerhöchsten pikant sind. Aber Löwensenf is wirklich wild, da haste Recht.

  6. Bruh why not speak english?

  7. Some people don't have a foreskin

  8. "Jack and Daxter" to "Metal Gear Solid"

  9. The genital options you get in the game by default are terrible. Let me customize if I have a cybercock or not. I should have a penis slider like saints row but more explicit. Vaginers should have may different options too. I should be able to customize the length, girth, and head of the penis at the very least.

  10. I want the option to have a vibrating carbon bad dragon dick in cyberpunk

  11. Same but when I received my first kiss it was like this primal joy.

  12. He actually has, you just need to let him kill quite a lot of people to activate that one.

  13. Yes, he'd need to kill politicians

  14. When I found out Gorillaz wasn't 4 people who vaguely resembled the main cast the fire department had to talk me off a roof.

  15. How tf do you get that suit

  16. It's part of the Freelancer packs. This one is from the "Street Art Pack".

  17. Wait, there are multiple freelancer packs?! I only saw makeshift

  18. I chatted with this bot expecting some forced feminization fetish stuff but it actually gave me a pep talk about fixing my gender dysphoria and when I said no she actually accepted that.

  19. Was set in the hokkaido morgue.

  20. Wake up babe new ambiguous amphibian video just dropped

  21. Can anyone tell me who the woman at the bottom is?

  22. We had the word "Rinderkennzeichnungsundetikettierungsgesetz" wich was so long it got disowned as a word

  23. Was it discussed in the Rinderkennzeichnungsundetikettierungsgesetzreformdebatte?

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