1. Who wins? Motivated McGregor (UFC 205 McGregor) or Salon-Quality Poirier (UFC 264) Poirier. if both these versions of conor and dustin fought each other who would come out on top? I've always wondered that. because when conor fought dustin the first time, dustin was a drained featherweight. and when dustin fought conor. conor's prime was already long gone

  2. Not sure why you got down voted, that'd be an interesting fight to try and call. Idk I think Dustin's more well-rounded with as crisp standup as anyone but you can't count prime McGregor out, the one who knocked out Aldo and went to town on Alvarez

  3. i'd favor 205 Conor on the feet, his striking looked inhumane that night. but Dustin does an amazing job of mixing it up. he's very well rounded. and his chin is much better than eddie alvarez'. if dustin can survive the first two rounds against 205 conor. i think he can piece him up on the feet in the later rounds and TKO Mac. or if he could take conor down. wrestlefuck him like he did at 264

  4. Wonderboy should be a favorite. He’s bigger and a more technical striker imo

  5. Yeah cause wonderboy always loses to shorter pressure strikers, right?

  6. 2022/2021/2020 - the Chito we all know and love | 2019 - Urijah Faber | 2018 - Rafael Dos Anjos | 2017 - Darren Elkins | 2015 - Colby Covington | 2015 - Aleksandar Rakic | 2014 - Kai Kara France

  7. Reyes out struck volkan in every round and defended 6/7 takedowns. I always scratch my head when people call it a robbery. If you score body shots and leg kicks I feel Reyes clearly won. As for robberies, that one maycee barber fight I think in 2021 was horrendous. I can’t remember the opponent.

  8. Nah man, i like reyes but he clearly lost that fight. you don't get points off defending takedowns. if that was the case tibau would've beat khabib. stop focusing on stats, watch the fight. even reyes' corner thought that volkan won.

  9. Honestly fun matchup to see if DP can hang at 170 and if Wonderboy can still hang with elite competition

  10. Dustin isn't elite against guys his own size. he needs to stay at LW

  11. no i mean, he is elite at lightweight, where he fights smaller guys. but guys his own size are too much for him

  12. Who the fuck is Ramos? Ramos is a world caliber BJJ fighter. He won gold medal in world championship over Gilbert Burns. He has never been submitted in the UFC. How can not submitting him be seen as that much of a flaw in your resume?

  13. Ramos might be elite in bjj as a sport. but not elite at bjj in mma. if he was, wouldn't he be a top contender in mma? lmao. whenever people like to talk about khabibs resume. they only have Poirier, McGregor, Garth and RDA upon the elite to talk about before the rest of his nobody resume. so they always have to talk about his wins in other sports.

  14. absolutely! and khabib didnt lose the third round to conor! he just wanted to prove a point and stay standing with conor! he purposefully let conor stuff his takedowns that round!

  15. How did you not inlcude Aldo in Volk's notable wins?

  16. Fucking cringe hahaha, you know everyone can see you edited your comment?

  17. Jesus fucking christ people are so desperate for upvotes nowadays are they?

  18. probably got a sponge bath, too, the old bastard

  19. No shame in getting glove grabbed by a cheating champion. he was piecing charles up before oliveira cheated

  20. Dan Hooker had Dustin in all sorts of trouble, to the point where he got saved by the bell. Although it's a bit of MMA math, I'd guess Chandler hits harder than Dan.

  21. I don't know man, Poirier's chin is very very good. If Chandler can win, it would be wrestling.

  22. I loved that MW era. Jacare, Weidman, Luke, Moose, Bisping, Machida

  23. to be fair, 269 was much more stacked than ufc 262 lol.

  24. i have the same issue man. it sucks. i can play videos on youtube at 4k with no issue but ufc only lets me stream in 480-720p ish and wont let me select quality

  25. lol, thats a lie. conor although he lost to dustin poirier showed very good boxing. he outboxed dustin in some exchanges.

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