1. Cut out all poor quality high calorie food, up your activity each day, few extra rounds, few walks/ runs, few extra workouts, 6 weeks is a long time, easy to do

  2. I'm quitting all junk food and eating chicken only so far. Hopefully I can make it!

  3. Are you locked in to 57? People usually advise not to cut for white belt regional comps

  4. no I'm not locked in, but fighting at 64kg is a deathwish

  5. What % of the time you're in side do you recover to guard and against who? When your gym does the drill where you start bottom side and the goal is for you to get out and the guy on top just has to only maintain side control, how.many times do you get out in a 5 minute period?

  6. We don't do that drill, but in a roll, I can get out of bottom position often against other white belts. But everyone weighs like 40lbs more than me, but in a 6 min roll, I get subbed like once from the other white belts.

  7. Ok guy let's be clear, no one cares how well you do against other white belts. If you struggle getting out from side against blue belts you need to work on your side control escapes.

  8. Okay that sounds fair, I was just taught KOTD in class and assumed it wasn't a gimmick and was legit lol. But I will listen to your advice

  9. frames and escapes. They matter so much, I'm normally always stuck under people so being able to reguard has helped tonnes.

  10. In judo it's common to not wear a shirt under the gi, so when I first started BJJ, I used to never wear a shirt lol. So I'll choose the shirt

  11. I love this position. This is my go to from mount. You have a the Ezekiel choke or you can use it to take the back. You can also use it for many different setups as well.

  12. I tried taking the back, but my opponent panicked and laid on their back straight away. I didn't want to lose position, so I got back to mount. I tried going for ezekiel, but my partner ended up putting him arm in the gift wrap, I tried to capitalise on it and clamp his hand in, but I wasn't able to

  13. They shouldn’t be able to just ‘lay on their back’ when you have a gift wrap

  14. I wan in mount, I put my arm under my partner's head and grabbed his wrist and pulled the hand back, kept the elbow elevated (or tried to).

  15. In mount and back control, yes, that's ok. In every other position - side control, KoB, in your opponent's guard, etc. - you are required to maintain offensive activity (i.e. positional advancement or submission) or you'll get called for stalling.

  16. So I can just maintain mount without being penalised? Would it count as stalling if I was holding someone in side control but moving to north-south/using door stop?

  17. Yes, as I understand the rules (and I'm no expert, and ibjjf rules can be convoluted AF), you can chill in mount and back control without penalty.

  18. Okay, thank you for your response <3

  19. To beat a 30lb weight advantage from an UNTRAINED person is generally what I look for in blue belts, which is 18-24 months. To handle people with even 6 months of experience who also have a 30lb weight advantage is much more difficult.

  20. any clue on a weights routine? Atm I am doing stronglifts 5x5, will that suffice for bjj

  21. That's what I started with and used for a long time. It was enough to put 15lbs on me. I eventually had to switch the 5/3/1, but the gains I made from that weren't sustainable for me without more dedicated lifting than I could do. 5x5 is definitely sufficient.

  22. Okay thanks, seems like lifting and getting stronger is the way to go!

  23. you finna be a killer lol, go join!!!!!!!!

  24. wtf who is teaching white belts heel hooks in your gym

  25. I have judo background, so usually I set up foot sweeps like kosoto gari to a hip throw, or kosoto gari to tani otoshi.

  26. Just no lol, his student didn't behave appropriately and rather than scold his student, mf turned it into a marketing opportunity

  27. It depends on how much close contact you have, if they are stiff arming you and backing up, there's not much you can do. Best bet when people are backing down, is to snap them down so they try to get back up and then go for something

  28. Agreed, I support both of these things and am ashamed more people dont

  29. What do you mean by that? I work as a nurse in a capitalist system, I have plenty of criticisms of the system but I find ways to go beyond the minimum nearly every shift. I think most people find ways to slip in kindness whenever possible.

  30. I mean not us individuals. The government. I truly don't think a capitalist government will ever pass a policy which was designed to benefit people unless it somehow benefits them/makes the people up top richer

  31. Hang out with more gay guys? I mean there is no secret or shortcut. Gay guys are just guys. You could expose yourself to more gay couples but honestly I don't think it would help as much as people would like to believe. Every time you run into the situation you will desensitize yourself more and more so honestly just do nothing. Just keep saying "cool" or "nice" and keep it real when the situation presents itself and eventually you will get over that dudes can fall in love with other dudes. No need to jump into gay clubs or something for it.

  32. Like the openly like obviously gay dudes who wear pink and shit, like yeah I don't get the surprised reaction. It's straight presenting dudes who just mention to me they have a bf, I become surprised.

  33. Ooof maybe dial back on the ‘dudes who wear pink’ stereotyping bullshit, gay men are as varied in style and interest as men of other sexual orientations. You need to work on what seems like an instinct to pre-judge people and assume their sexuality/gender etc based on your perceptions. It’s a learned skill. Honestly the ‘effeminate man’ = gay is probably more offensive than the double-take…

  34. congrats, may you make all white belts feel like shit!/s

  35. is this a shitpost? Your title is you havent got a sub, then you list a ton of subs that you have gotten..

  36. No I was being dead serious. I don't really count it if I am subbing guys who are literally brand new. Like I have been learning stuff like subs from DLR, subs from lasso and whatnot. But I am not hitting any of the new stuff I've learnt. Hence I feel like I'm not learning at all.

  37. Never subbed anyone, sounds perfect for tournaments. How's your guard pull?

  38. I have judo background, I never pull guard

  39. Two separate things are true here. Straight ankle locks are 100% legit. White belts shouldn't be trying to focus on anything, they should trying to learn as much breadth of game as possible, not depth.

  40. Yeah I literally did just that. I was struggling to pass guard a lot. And got frusturated and just went for the ankle lock. But I don't want to make this any sort of habit and do want to learn how to pass guard properly lol

  41. It is difficult in a text medium, and a time where people straight up say the same thing without sarcasm.

  42. I thought "/s" indicated sarcasm on reddit.

  43. It does, and it either wasn't there when I replied, or I missed it.

  44. might have missed it then my friend

  45. I'm 99% they weren't asking what worked for you. The comment heavily suggests that you think it's the preferred outcome. If the woman earnt more than the man it probably wouldn't make sense for the woman to stop working.

  46. Well they should have specified that then :)

  47. no he asked why do I think it's preferable for men to be the sole breadwinner, nowhere did he ask me if I thought it worked for everyone.

  48. More foot sweeps to setup big hip throws imo.

  49. only if you do it yourself. Pizzerias use mushroom crumbs smaller than their bacon crumbs.

  50. you get mushroom crumbs? wtf? We get slices of mushrooms here lol

  51. There is no victim - there's only transphobia. If the man has the issue with it, he should ask before hand. It's on him.

  52. ask a woman "are you trans?" is bound to upset them...

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