1. Braves fan here in peace with a question. I people saying JJ was crap u til this past year. Was he injured prior to 2022? Did he make an adjustment? I saw someone say he's got closer potential, but I don't see it looking at the numbers.

  2. He’s not crap at all, he can be a really good reliever. We just kind of had him earmarked as a long term closer when he was coming up and he never really took that spot and ran with it. Lost some confidence but gained it back and has pitched well for a while. He will help you.

  3. Hope he lands somewhere and is successful. He played hard for us but we just needed to move on and reshape the roster. I liked Victor a lot

  4. I predict that Karla goes at 5, Owen wins final immunity and takes Gabler, and whoever wins fire between Jesse and Cassidy wins the game.

  5. I agree except swap Gabler and Owen with Gabler winning immunity

  6. They probably all vote Jesse next time and he takes out Karla

  7. They got rid of most the cashiers. That adds a sense of "self-service" to an already struggling customer base

  8. They didn’t get rid of them, just converted them to online grocery shoppers

  9. Have we even been linked to any free agents as a possible destination?

  10. The trick to beating Michigan is to get up on them by two scores at the half. They’re such a good second half team that you’re going to need a buffer on them because you’ll get beat in the 2nd half. I don’t know if TCU is built for that—so many of their games have been comebacks or down to the wire games.

  11. Gonna be interesting if he has success at Colorado and in 3-4 years bolts for a blue blood job

  12. Great job Georgia! You just saved america from 6 years of nonsensical bullshit from walker. At least now he can move back to texas.

  13. If he enters the draft, where does he go? Still a high first rounder?

  14. I find it so weird that Trammell is in but Whitaker isn’t. They’re like two halves of a whole.

  15. I believe he was on last time and has to wait a few years to be able to reappear on it

  16. Finally got around to season 6. It was enjoyable but a bit underwhelming.

  17. Can we instead get someone who isn’t way past their prime due to injury?

  18. Expect the en masse transfers from JSU to CU now. Also expecting a South Park episode with Deion too.

  19. They’d have to actually start making episodes again…..

  20. I used to hire coaches to poach recruits... I still do, but I used to too.

  21. My coach asked me if I consider transferring schools, I said no but I do want to transfer with you later, so, yes.

  22. Please make them throw the football correctly going forward

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