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  1. Long enough to feel like forever, harsh enough to make you want to relapse. Best advice I can give. Stay strong friend, you'll get through it

  2. Bruh, chill. All this person did was ask a question. No one gives a fuck about your 2 cents when you're not relevant to the question/answer. Like you said, "not in your control but reddits maybe," that's why they asked, to find out.

  3. Why are people evil. Out of all the things society could be doing, like improving the world. Why do people choose to harm each other. So fucking disappointing.

  4. I agree. However, as a form of punishment, in the way of physical violence, it is warranted for specific crimes done. Just IMO, of course

  5. 4 toaster strudels, a pair of Jordan's, and a hockey puck

  6. I never said "this is why I hate all men" and yes a lot of men I meet end up talking about their dick. The majority

  7. "I don't know why the majority of guys I talk to on this hookup site are talking about their dicks"

  8. My dude... Firstly? I've been an active and supportive member of this sub for like two years now. Chill the hell out.

  9. Stay away from downtown and especially Harry Hines. Shits swarming over there. Stay safe man

  10. Anyone throwing shade, please watch the movie "Lars and The Real Girl" with Ryan Gosling. It's surprisingly good and gives me sympathy for people like this instead of clowning on em

  11. Oof. Boys in prison are gonna have fun with this guy

  12. German, french, Greek, Nordic. All of those are races. White is an umbrella term used to cover a bunch of different races. But “white” itself is not a race

  13. “Caucasion” might be the word you’re looking for. That just means you’re a mix of a bunch of different races that all have white skin. But “white” is not a race.

  14. Apparently you are legally entitled to whatevers in them if they were delivered to your ID issued residence

  15. Holy shit guys it really works! Now how do I get my mom back to normal?

  16. I’m willing to bet, that it’s Hillary’s emails that are responsible.

  17. Not aunt. Her parents were carnival workers and paid for them to stay with pretty much a stranger while they traveled with the carnival.

  18. That's right! Do you know if the parents faced anything legal as far as negligence goes? I know they were pretty kept in the dark about it, but.. eh?

  19. afaik, nothing happened to the parents.

  20. Man. Just another evil story in the book of man..

  21. Ngl it’s mad weird that he was unironically asking around for women’s debug mode command. Idk how you become so detached from the human condition that you think that’s a thing. Basically the poster child of

  22. Don't really think it went down like that. More trynna get tips on a newly discovered skill

  23. The rules literally say to link the source post (which you did) what would be the point in censoring it 😭

  24. Well.... yeah man. I got nothin. That's a fat L on me 😓☠️

  25. Alright so where's his funeral at? Hoping there'll be another encore

  26. My god.... it's the next generation of 9 year Olds...

  27. Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays??

  28. Hope one of them has a good dental plan.

  29. Fact of the day: when going thru dental work it's actually life threatening to be tweaking when you go under their anesthesia. Plays a big role in why their mouth decays so bad

  30. Our boy is done clownin around. Wants to find out who the real king is.

  31. Just get enable a Japanese keyboard on your phone. You can even set it up to type in romaji and it will automatically change it to kana while giving you suggestions for kanji in the autofill section.

  32. No shit? Anyway to know if you're completely bothering the language or not tho?

  33. No, just like with an English Keyboard, you gotta know English first to make sense. I usually run it through a translator first to make sure I'm using the right kanji. It's finnicky, but it works. You could also install a

  34. MVP right here! Good lookin out man! Seems pretty dope

  35. So you have to continue living that way forever, never learning better than what you were originally taught? Sounds pretty silly to me.

  36. I think this is the point where you'd probably play the "victim shaming" card if you were in my shoes, huh?

  37. It’s one thing to be comfortable with who you are. It’s quite another to ignore something that, left untreated, could lead to infection or worse.

  38. "My body my choice" isn't that how the saying goes slick?

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