1. Thats honestly been the problem with this team. Josh Allen is playing too good and its blinding people from the truth that our OC sucks DC sucks WR corp needs work and OL we need the most we can get. When it gets to the playoffs its cleae Josh Allen needs more help but its like it everyone forgets the next season lol. Ill never forget that fucking prevent defense while KC had 2 timeouts

  2. This is def a play on the whole damar hamlin 🫶🏿 thing. Especially with the cancun on 3️⃣

  3. In the NBA, theres a joke that after you eliminate a team in rhe playoffs, that team would go on a vacation to cancun. Hes basically laughing he elimnated us and then mocks damar

  4. Tuas linsanity run is over lmao

  5. Cause fuck that overated ass qb


  7. Its not about losing its really more of the absurd ways of how we lost that hurts 😭

  8. But james cook gets a handoff and almost scores and is down at the 1. So instead we run pass plays and go for it on 4th and he throws a brainless int man

  9. Bro its literally her account 😭

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