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  1. Wow! Everyone must be doing great then, right? .... right???

  2. Nope. You're not going to sexually objectify an American politician on my sub lmfao... Lenin save me.

  3. Yes. Unwanted and unwarranted advances are toxic and sexist. This is a communist sub; your behavior reflects on everyone else in this community. Your comment was irrelevant and gave me second hand embarrassment.

  4. This is the most relatable post on this sub. SO MUCH SENSATION!!! I have a new weak spot 🗿

  5. Hot damn, safe to say I'd do the same in this situation. My first thought was having a spare Gamepad for the future, but there's a lot here upon closer inspection.

  6. Precisely! I ran across it at 2am and was considering sending a lowball offer for everything but the console but my inner Scott the Woz told me "who doesn't need another Wii U?"

  7. thanks for trying to help I really appreciate it, but I live in Poland and I have no means of protection against it

  8. The UK's surrveillance state is pretty bad, yep, but nowhere near the degree of China.

  9. I had to get facial recognition scanned before I was allowed on my flight from DC to Germany just a few days ago; so did every other passenger.

  10. Would you like, while educating the masses, for the republicans to exist to direct vitriol against you? Why should that be allowed?

  11. Breast growth is hard to say because I’m close to a hundred lbs overweight and I was on hrt for ten momnths about 6 years ago and got b cups then. Now that ive been back on hrt for the last ten months I can’t say that they’ve gotten any bigger. Maybe a little bit. Also I get good sleep. Uninterrupted 7 to 9 hours every night.

  12. You're 100 pounds overweight. That is why you have seen zero progress; all of your feminization is happening underneath a heavy blanket. I'm not shaming you at all. You are valid. I know weight loss is difficult but I don't want to see you give up on yourself or life in general.

  13. I understand there are late bloomers but zero changes after 11 months means there is something being done wrong. I was hoping that it was the fact I was taking Cypionate injections once every two weeks instead of once every week but I guess I can’t rely on that being the reason after all so there goes that hope. My estrone should be low since I take injections so the only thing left that could be the problem is possibly high dht I guess. If it’s not high dht then it seems like I’m just the unluckiest trans woman ever…

  14. Hair, makeup, working out, vocal training and even surgery can get pretty much anyone to a passing state. I know it sucks but some people have to work way harder than others to achieve similar results.

  15. Stelloid is the best. Like a little chess piece.

  16. No my friend; how do you feel about your new setup? 😇

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