1. Schulz is actually funny though. And intelligent. A not a poser. To compare the two is just cruel. Schulz has being doing comedy for over ten years. He’s a legit stand up comedian. Don’t equate the two, that’s a ridiculous take.

  2. Not as ridiculous as calling Waluigi “intelligent”

  3. he must be funny, he's been doing comedyfor over ten years.

  4. Eggsactly, bubba. Rogan Orbit logic. The harder you grind, the funnier you are.

  5. One of my favorites. Perfect mix of the bizarre and gruesome.

  6. Great news guys, our buddy Ern got picked up by the BJs and was assigned to the Buffalo Bisons. I bet he will be super happy there. Side note, the Angels announcers got so many things wrong during this game, but the most egregious was saying José little brother didn’t look like him lol he looks exactly like him. This was a fun game to watch though even with the Pilkman blowing the ninth. Go guards

  7. The guys that announce area high school games are better than the color guy they had. Sounded like he was 15.

  8. Of course Owen Miller is batting over 400 this spring

  9. Cold weather Miller is good. Warm weather Miller is very bad.

  10. If you're wondering about the Bally sports situation, it seems like as far as the broadcasts, it will be business as usual. Which is sad for a person like me who doesn't have access to that network.

  11. It’s the only reason that I’m still overpaying for cable.

  12. Cleveland is still the best city in Ohio by far, which as a state has gotten a lot worse in the last 20 years.

  13. At least they’re on 1100 today. Only three more tv broadcasts in Spring Training. Crazy.

  14. They have the Padres at 4 so you know there’s no actual criteria for their rankings.

  15. Shittsburgh blowhard talk radio rankings. Lol at even posting this.

  16. Who gives a fuck what some garbage sports talk station in Shittsburgh has to say

  17. Falling Out and Sarah are both gems that haven’t been played in forever.

  18. It would be hard to be worse and in the majors. Bo will get a chance if Zunino hits like Hedges.

  19. Sorry wasn’t trying to be a brat or anything just want to remember to compare the two at the end of the season. I’m rooting for our guys!!

  20. No worries. I liked Hedges a lot. Wish we could have found a way to keep him on the team but his offense was historically bad. Straw’s oWAR was almost 2 points higher than his.

  21. His idiot former boss Brendan Schaub has worn a lot of Cleveland baseball apparel. Neither are fans. They just wear crap from cities they do standup in.

  22. This was the end of an era, bapa. Shortly after, this place blew up.

  23. It is spring training and early in it to boot, but Valera has looked really overmatched in the ABs I’ve seen from him.

  24. I get what you mean, but 4 ABs over 2 games might be a little premature to say even that much. Jose was 0-2 in his first ST game. With everyone getting their first live action, everyone is searching for their rhythm.

  25. I know, which is why prefaced my comment with saying it’s early. I realize it’s not definitive. I’m just making the comment that he looked worse than rusty in the PAs I’ve watched.

  26. He’s an impulsive hillbilly grifter. Wish he’d head back to his holler in Tn.

  27. Pizza had to slip in that his dinner cost $300.00....lying asshole

  28. I heard it as well but took it as a joke. I think they have some real longevity in it. Might be the only podcast I know where they still seem to enjoy doing it after all these years and put out a quality product.

  29. Did he take two pitches down the middle first?

  30. Charlie Fry and Brady Quinn made their way to Spring Training?!

  31. The real Ta Ta Toothy is noine times funnier than this fucking nobody

  32. Selby is Godcast is by far the best. Good balance of quality hosts, banter and information.

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