1. It’s not dislike or hate. In our religion homosexuality isn’t allowed. You may have feelings which is understandable but in needs to be suppressed, your not allowed to act upon it. The same goes for heterosexual male and female, they are both not allowed to act upon the sexuality except with the legality of marriage. Being gay or having the feelings isn’t wrong, but acting upon it and advising others to do it is wrong. The only dislike I would say is when people force their ideologies upon you. You might disagree with our thoughts and religion but there is still a sense of respect. We can both have our own religions/ideologies but we can still respect each other. Lastly, people state this religion is homophobic, but they rarely take the time to research to understand the rulings behind this topic. Hope that helped, and appreciate you willing to hear the other side of things.

  2. Ask yourself about your financial situation, can i afford an apartment,house, or condo. After that discuss with your partner the options you have. And then wait until your married to decide for the furniture.

  3. Can you expand on this? What do you think men need in marriage and in life that women may not really understand? What kind of emotional support are you referring to?

  4. Also financially speaking, not everyone is gonna be able to provide from the beginning or at a young age. In the earlier days, people were able to have a traditional relationship because they were able to live on a one source of income. Now a days, you need both man and woman to work to survive or live a comfortable lifestyle unless your spouse has a high income job (STEM Industry). Also, it’s hard to give what most spouses want in the beginning especially at an early age like 22 or when most people finish education. It’s hard to get a house/apartment or take you on trip or even simple things like eating out once a week. It would be nice to have someone who has that understanding in the beginning. And it’s hard because we want to spoil our spouses and create beautiful moments in the beginning but in the beginning it’s hard.

  5. Woman 1 & 4 are almost the best options if we’re talking about being in a “traditional” relationship in my POV. But only downsides for me is #1 only wants 1-2 children and #4 isn’t a romantic, but that’s just me.

  6. For me it’s the grammar. For example, how changing one Harakah (حركة) can change the whole meaning of the sentence. Historically, we now the Arabs were the best at poetry during their time and they weren’t even able to come close to something like the Quran, even with today’s technology people aren’t able to come close. There are many miracles in the Quran wether we are talking linguistically, numerically, or scientifically. There’s a lot of evidence, but when you discover it you will see it’s unimaginable beauty.

  7. This comment section needs to be flared as “wholesome”. Lol

  8. after Dr. Zakir Naik, Sheikh Uthman is my favorite living daee.

  9. Hands down, how he breaks down everything is art

  10. Well, I’m sorry to say this and it may seem harsh, but did your brother speak up? He need to speak up (obviously in a respectful manner). Marriage needs to two to function. But he’s in a horrible situation right now especially cuz the house is in her names, because if a divorce occurred, your brother is screeeewed.

  11. lurker here, to answer your question, It’s the new iOS update from apple. You can now unsend or delete messages from iMessage

  12. I'm not sure this has been released yet, I thought it was just announced.

  13. So I'm unable to link the comment here but here's a very well thought out list by

  14. I advise you to read what you wrote and make a decision after that. That should answer your question.

  15. Don’t listen, honestly at this point, no social media is a green flag.

  16. Ethnically Syrian, living in the D.C. area.

  17. I heard your brother works for him, can you stay with him even if he’s struggling, you can make a plan to work something out with each other. Probably both can bring in income to help each other. Also I’m sure ur brother wouldn’t mind, even if I don’t have much, if my sister is struggling I should be the first one there to help after the husband.

  18. If they just wrote Three instead of that big three logo it would have been better. And trivago stood by us when we were sanctioned

  19. That’s an exciting color to see but let’s hope Nike can do something creative and we get rid of the Three sponsor

  20. Contract with 3 is going on for another 2 or 3 yeras if I'm not mistaken (can't remember if it was signed for 4 or 5 years). Hyundai is until end of this year it's true, but they are not shirt sponsors

  21. Yeah but OP's point still stands because anyone with internet access (pretty much everyone across the globe at this point) will have heard about Islam. Ultimately, the only people who will be Muslims are those born into the religion, save for an incredibly small number of converts.

  22. Technically not true. Because it matters about the information they read. There are so much misinformation about Islam and other religions on the internet. That’s why it’s better to go to your local mosque and ask the scholar or imam that is located there.

  23. The core edition is nice but I’m sure the mark ups are gonna be crazy. Either way, I hope you enjoy it. I just hope the base GR Corolla doesn’t exceed 32k.

  24. Embryology is actually incorrect in the Qur'an in some ways and also, there were Greek philosophers (Aristotle I believe?) who had deduced that much about embryonic development hundreds of years before Muhammed.

  25. Actually not, because there are multiple of scientists that tried to discredit it and they couldn’t. Some people even accepted the religion due to the verse. Nobody from the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) up to now has found a mistake in the Quran nor we’re they able to. Regarding your statement provide evidence on how the verse is incorrect related to science though.

  26. I'm going to keep things simple because I've been in these discussions and they normally don't go anywhere but just have a look at Qur'an surah 86, verse 5-8:

  27. As long as they mature, I’m fine. But not willing to go less than two years. For someone my age, I feel like it’s weird.

  28. Brother here. To be honest with you, I as a person, if I hadn’t committed to zina, I would want to and expect to be with someone who isn’t a zanee. Now I’m not disregarding zanees, and what happens is between them and Allah. The only problem I will have is my insecurities, like “what happens if their ex comes back poking around?” or if their past catches up to them. That’s the only problem I have, but that doesn’t meet I would push aside potentials who have had made these mistakes in their past. At the end it is up to you. Can you live with that other person mistakes and push it aside or not. Good luck sister.

  29. 5. Divorce. A relationship should never reach a point where a person cheats. You have a problem, you communicate. The other person is not listening, do therapy. At last if both don’t see the relationship going anywhere then separate. Cheating is more hurtful than divorce.

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