1. You can land on the ac 130 and either fix it or destroy it with a repair tool

  2. Idk if he is but I’m just about to boot up if you’re looking for some raids

  3. You are gey this is why people don't want to play with your sweaty ass

  4. Agreed, the mightiest of foes are the only ones worthy of such a limb.

  5. Let my game run for a bit while I did some dishes. Came back and didn't notice Beep gone until it was too late. RIP little soldier.

  6. You shouldn't have to press it down and try putting some high smoke point oil in pan wait for it to smoke then add your steak

  7. Both and they are the best, just make sure once you get either one you go and find his best friend they are inseparable and make the best team. With the power of friendship you shall make all your foes submit

  8. They are great. I like taking then on field trips to the cannibal plains.

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