1. You shouldn't have to press it down and try putting some high smoke point oil in pan wait for it to smoke then add your steak

  2. Both and they are the best, just make sure once you get either one you go and find his best friend they are inseparable and make the best team. With the power of friendship you shall make all your foes submit

  3. They are great. I like taking then on field trips to the cannibal plains.

  4. Personally if it can take a bipod, I'll give it a bipod. Being able to pin down multiple targets at once, or counter a sniper, is just too handy to not have one especially for defence.

  5. Wouldn't it be more beneficial to lock your hz at the same speed the server runs at?

  6. The Feds never want folks to have fun. Touch your meat, serve it when you think it’s ready.

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